Essential Steps for property advertisement at free of cost for sale/rent/lease

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If you are planning to sell/ rent or lease your property and cannot find free ads posting sites for your property, Don’t worry; HonestBroker offers you property advertisements. Here you can quickly post free property ads and help you to get the best deal and quick results. 

Post your property at free of cost using 3 simple steps

You can post your property in a few minutes by following the simple steps. After completing the steps,Guest Posting your property will go live after verification. First of all you have to find an online real estate portal where you can post your property. after that there are the following steps listed below 

Step 1:- Fill in Basic Details of the Property

 If you plan to sell/rent or lease your properties, you must ensure your properties are in good condition for quick results. While listing your property at HonestBroker real estate portal, you must add your property details like Property Type, State, District, property address, and the contact information with phone number & email address. 

Step 2:-  Add Pictures & Videos and Other Information


Click the excellent picture or make videos along with the other information because these pictures will speak louder than words and are easy to understand for everyone. You will always benefit from the increase of excellent and high-quality images. So, it is always the best idea to click and add photos of the living room, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, terrace, garden, and other 

amenities to help the viewer know how your property looks. If you are planning to list your property at HonestBroker to sell rent/leasing is currently engaged, make sure that it must be neat and clean of the gathering for the photoshoot. One more thing which attracts the people is pictures of the street or locality where the property is available. Probably it could be a positive sign of your list property. 


Step 3:- Facility and amenities Details


Fill in other details related to the property to grab the attention of tenants and buyers. The information which you will provide must be accurate. It would be best if you also mentioned all the facilities and amenities. 


If you have commercial properties, don't worry. HonestBroker is a real estate website that will let you post FREE listings. You can also post ads for your commercial property for sale/rent or lease for Free. Thus you need to provide a few details of your commercial property, such as following in the way.


Property types:- 

  • Office

  • Shop

  • Co-working space

  • Showroom

  • Godown/Warehouse

  • Industrial shed

  • Industrial building

  • Area

  • Floor information

  • Furniture availability

  • Location


About the area and locality:-

  • Mention the city

  • Mention the street

  • Mention the locality

  • Give the exact location or mark the location


About the cost

  • Rent amount that you are expecting.

  • The deposit amount that you are expecting.

  • Maintenance charge which included in the rent.

  • Mention that the property is fully furnished, semi-furnished, or unfurnished.

  • The rates are negotiable or not.

  • Mentioned the property's available date.  

  • Property can be used as, E.g. showroom, shop, ATM, etc.



  • The property has power back up or not.

  • The property has a lift service or not. 

  • The property has a parking area or not.


It would be best if you talked about where the property is located. It is in a residential area or commercial and so on. You must write a simple & small description of your property to give it more character. You also must describe all the unique features of the property to make it easy to understand and make it attractive or impressive and what makes it stand out.


Benefits of listing the property for sale, rent/lease at online real estate portal 


Save time:-

 Nowadays, people don't have much time to search for a home to buy or rent and are busy in their world. For them, listing properties at HonestBroker is a boon. Anyone can register free and login into the portal, and search for properties as per their needs.



Every day, more and more people come across your property profile, and chances of getting a buyer, seller, or tenant become simple. There are many benefits of Online Property Listings at HonestBroker like you can look at the property by viewing its images etc. And you are provided with a large number of options to choose from that are not possible in real-time searching.


Faster Result:-

 Searching for properties online is the fastest means of finding a suitable property. We found within a few minutes at countless properties, and also the deals became quicker. 

There is another option of "priority tag," which helps to sell your property faster.  


More credible: 

HonestBroker having an online profile adds to the credibility of the real estate agent, developer, builder, and investor. People who opt to buy/sell, rent, or lease properties gain more trust if you have an online listing.

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