Why Writing Can Generate Credibility and Site Traffic

May 10


Dan J. Fry

Dan J. Fry

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Search engines, banner ... link ... ad ... ads, ... ... lists, ... and FFAsites are all methods used to generate web site traffic ... products on


Search engines,Why Writing Can Generate Credibility and Site Traffic Articles banner exchanges, link exchange, ad co-ops,
classified ads, newsgroups, discussion lists, safelists and FFA
sites are all methods used to generate web site traffic and
market products on the internet. Some of them work well, and some
flop like a day old pancake. There is one frequently overlooked
technique, that when used appropriately will build your home
business to extents you never dreamed possible.

Writing. Write, write and right again. Writing articles is one of
the best ways to promote your web site. Why? Think of it this
way. When you place an ad you are always limited to what you can
write and how long the ad can be. So, you craft your sales copy
to bring in the greatest return, in terms of click through rates
and sheer number of sales, for the money spent. Once the ad is
released and the campaign over, the entire process must be

When you write articles however, your content and length
restrictions are incredibly loose. It is within your article that
you can show your expertise, connect to the reader, and briefly
advertise yourself and your business. Moreover, writing articles
is viral, meaning it can spread throughout the web to other sites
and newsletters.

By submitting your articles and allowing others to publish them
free of charge you begin to develop credentials in your field and
essentially "brand" yourself through your name. If your articles
are crafted with a story-telling perspective people will look
forward to hearing from you. What can be better than creating
that sort of anticipation.

As you become more known and your articles spread from person to
person your web site traffic will increase. It will be slow at
first. Be patient and simply keep writing. The more high quality
articles you have out for people to use the more "viral" your
writing efforts will become.

Submit everywhere you can think of. However, remember to never
spam. Make sure you only submit to places that have clearly
stated they accept article submission. Even though your articles
are not sales letters it is still considered spam if unsolicited.

If done well, other traffic streams cannot begin to touch what
writing articles can do for your home business. Why? Writing
draws readers. With your name and site in the resource box at the
end of the article, people remember you. With the majority of
other methods, people have to return to search for you again and
again. You are not burned into their memory.

That's how you want to think of this process. Write until your
name is the first think that pops into peoples minds when they
think about a certain topic. Keep your writing focused. Always
write to a particular target group with a well defined purpose.
Does your article convey a meaningful message? What is it that
you want your reader to remember? Where do you want to have your
article published?

Focus, focus, focus, and write, write, write, and your site
traffic will go through the roof!