5 Exclusive Exterior Garage Door Design Trends In 2017

Jul 4


Ashraf Kamal

Ashraf Kamal

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The architecture of the houses is changing every time or most of the people need alteration in their home. The homeowners are concentrating on the colors and the selection of material in order to provide a great look to their home. The focal point of the exterior of every home is the garage door too. The homeowners should take the advice from the best garage door company in the town for fitting the right mixture of designs. Here are some of the five exterior trends:

Reclaim the Wooden Finish

The wooden finish in the plank style is the new trend for designing the custom garage door as the shiplap has come into force. Most of the garages look great with this farmhouse style look. This will help in making the wooden furnish doors give out an amazing and stylish throwback look to the exteriors of the home.

Choose Hybrid Style

The mixture of new and old will give a great texture to the exteriors of one’s home. Most people like to keep the old architecture by giving a slight touch of newer designs and the styles. Moreover,5 Exclusive Exterior Garage Door Design Trends In 2017 Articles the mixture of contemporary style garage doors with the older architectural home will create a great ambiance for the homeowners.

Vinyl Sidings

The Vinyl Sidings have also undergone a complete makeover as most of the exteriors of the home are going ahead with the garage door replacement. This Vinyl Sidings are low maintenance doors as these are crafted with the insulated steel frame material with faux designs. They also have a qualitative material and great detailing with the composite material concept. This looks beautiful on the exteriors of old or contemporary designer homes.

Designer Materials

The natural tones and materials are becoming predominantly popular among the homeowners. Most of the people choose the bricks, stone, metal and the wooden material for making their designer garage doors. For natural textures, one can use the painted brick or a contrast to the concrete. Even the right layering of the tones will help in the correct landscaping of the garage door material.

Add Splash of Colors to Grey and White

The residents can add contrasting colors to the entrance of exterior wall or near the patio that will look great with the white and gray doors, windows or even the garage doors. The textured materials and designs help in giving a modern touch to one’s home. Even the people can ask for the garage door services from a professional company to provide advice and choosing the perfect splash colors on their exteriors to match with their garage doors.

In Closing, most of the homeowners are looking for the latest trends in order to go ahead with the contemporary style designs for their exteriors. The newer trends will help them to build a great exterior for their home with the help of consultation from the experts from the reputed company. The overall makeover of the garage door is also the best idea to contrast with the house texture and colors.