6 Incredible Ways to Use a Wooden Tray Set in Your Home Décor

May 1




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A wooden table tray set is a very efficient way to keep all your things in a single place. It can be supplemented in a wide variety of ways, depending on the look you’re going for.


A wooden tray set is an immensely multi-functional element of home décor that can be used in an array of ways. Although they’re called wooden tray sets,6 Incredible Ways to Use a Wooden Tray Set in Your Home Décor Articles their functions go way beyond just serving. They help you to keep your place in a clean, neat and organized way. Wooden tray sets can even add aesthetic value to a place and could enhance an area if it is coupled with other accessories. Below listed are 6 unique ways in which you can use your wooden tray set.

Living Room

The wooden tray set, when placed on a table in the living room, can hold coasters, candles, and a candle-stand. It not only protects the material of the table underneath but also gives a neat look to otherwise randomly placed accessories. The wooden tray could also be utilized for holding flowers in your living room.

Dining Room

Using a wooden tray set on your dining room table is an effective way to aesthetically style the table and keep things in an organized manner. You can put salt and pepper shakers, mats, spoons, paper napkins, candles, flowers, and other decorative items on your dining table in a wooden tray set. The wooden tray holds everything together in a systematic way. All the above-mentioned things can be stacked easily when kept in a tray.


Certain bar products like cocktail shakers, whiskey decanters, icebox, and even some fancy expensive alcohol bottles have artistic beauty to them. Rather than hiding the beauty in a cupboard, you would want to display the above bar products on a tray. It will add elegance and improve the ambiance of your bar area. It can also be very useful in holding shot glasses.


A wooden tray in a kitchen area is a great way to keep a lot of items together. You can keep sugar, salt and pepper, oils, a pot of herbs, lemons and even some fruits. All the above things, when kept in a wooden tray, would keep your kitchen immaculate and clean. All the ingredients could also be found easily when kept together in a tray.


A wooden tray set in the bedroom could hold nearly all possible bedroom accessories. Photo-frames, perfumes, candles, lights, flowers, jewelry, hairdryer, hairbrush, comb, etc. are a few of the things that could be placed on a wooden tray set in your bedroom. This would keep your bedroom organized as well as add a décor element to the space.


By keeping a wooden tray set in your bathroom, you could place all the products like creams, soaps, moisturizers, shampoo, toothbrush, and other bathroom accessories together in a single place. Wooden trays can avoid the above-mentioned things to form a mess and chaos in your bathroom.