Air Conditioning Repair Tips

Jan 4


Aloysius Aucoin

Aloysius Aucoin

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When it comes to air conditioning repair, homeowners can perform some work themselves, while others require professional service.

Before you learn the basics of air conditioning repair, Air Conditioning Repair Tips Articles you need to understand the two basic parts to your unit. The condenser is located outside your house, usually on a concrete slap, while the evaporator coil is located inside, typically mounted above your home's furnace. 

Sometimes, the issue is that the air conditioner is working fine, but the distribution system is somehow failing to distribute the cooled air properly. The issue could be as simple as evaporator or condenser units that need to be cleaned; however, other tasks related to these units should be performed by a professional. These units are sealed, so non-professionals should not attempt to service them, themselves. 

One way to avoid needing air conditioning repair work done on your unit when heat is at its peak (and you most desire the relief!) is to schedule an inspection and adjustment before the cooling season begins. Often, the problems that come up fit into one of the following categories: a non running condenser, inadequate cooling, or nonexistent cooling.

Non running Condenser

A non running condenser could be caused by a lack of power running to the unit. If that's the case, you can solve this problem by inspecting the main entrance panel and checking for a blown use or a tripped circuit breaker. 

Another culprit could be a thermostat that's set too high, in which case you can simply lower the setting by 5 degrees. 
More serious issues that could cause the condenser to stop running include a faulty motor or compressor, for which you would need to contact a air conditioning repair professional.

Inadequate Cooling

This problem could result from a number of problems. One is that the thermostat is set too high, in which case you can simply lower it 5 degrees. Another potential reason for inadequate cooling is a dirty evaporator, which can be easily cleaned. A third possibility is that the unit you have is too small for the area it's attempting to cool. A professional can help determine the size unit that's right for your home and install the new unit for you.

Nonexistent Cooling

If instead of insufficient or uneven cooling, your unit is not cooling your home, at all, there are several possible reasons for this issue. It could mean that issues discussed above have become severe: A thermostat set too high, a dirty or blocked condenser, or a dirty evaporator are possibilities you can explore on your own. 

Another possibility, though, is that the issue is caused by a faulty compressor or insufficient refrigerant, you'll need to hire an air conditioning repair professional.