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Garage organization can be fun and exciting with these helpful tips. With a little determination and some help, you can use yard sales, cabinets, and shelving to clean out the clutter.

Though there are no statistics available,Guest Posting it’s a safe assumption that “cleaning the garage” is one of the most procrastinated activities in the modern world. No one likes to have junk piled up everywhere, making it difficult—if not outright impossible—to pull a car in. At the same time, where is all of that junk going to go. It went out there because there was no room for it in the house. The attic is overflowing. What’s next. Well, there is hope after all. With a few organizational skills by your side, you can indeed clean up all of that junk and make that area something you aren’t ashamed of.

Your first objective is to make a decision on what to keep and what to get rid of. This can actually be one the most enlightening aspects of a good organizational spree. Take a good hard look at every box, every tool, and every random piece of sporting equipment and judge it objectively. If you want to keep things around for sentimental reasons, that’s okay, but don’t get too attached to any old thing just because it’s old. If you don’t have any use for it, think about throwing it out or holding a yard sale to squeeze some money out of it. By being discerning, you can probably cut your storage inventory by at least 25%.

Now it’s time to either spend a little money or get cracking on the woodworking. Cabinets are your friend when it comes to organizing the garage. Not only will these cabinets drastically cut down on the space and clutter, if properly labeled they can make a big difference when it comes to finding that all important item at a later date. When you start organizing by cabinets, you may also decide that some of the things that made it through the first sweep can be gotten rid of after all.

In addition to cabinets, shelving can make a tremendous difference in getting things organized. Plus, they usually don’t take up much more room. When using the shelving to organize, it helps to have a specific place for each type of item. Tools should go in one area, bug sprays in another, and car wash supplies in another. By giving everything its own space, you’ll make it much easier to navigate the shelving in your day to day life.

By getting started as soon as possible, you’ll soon find that organizing the garage wasn’t the major hassle that you thought it might be. If you’re still having misgivings about throwing stuff away or selling it, you can always rent storage space and keep your extra items there while you decide what to do with them. Just avoid the temptation to let them continue to clutter your home space.

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