The 4 Types Of Paint That Work Best Outdoors

May 24




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If you are thinking of giving a new face to the facade and exterior of your home, you have come to the right place. Find the 4 types and styles of painting that will not fail in this task.


If it is happening to you that you no longer find the exterior of your house pleasant or you are looking for a leap in quality,The 4 Types Of Paint That Work Best Outdoors Articles perhaps a new activity to concentrate your efforts and pay attention to the house or you simply do not like the color you chose the last time you painted, it means that it is time to change, to go for a renovation of the facade and all the walls that face the outside. After all, it is the first thing that is seen in your home and a kind of letter of introduction to anyone who arrives or passes by.

Exterior Painting: When And Why For Your Home? 

It is also understood that it is not such an easy decision to carry out, since several details must necessarily be taken into account before leaving with the graffiti. In addition, you must think, analyze and finally select the color and type of exterior paint to be used. But that is precisely why we bring you this article, with different quality options that you can choose and put into operation at the moment you decide to give that new style to the exterior of your home. 

It is not necessary to let a certain time elapse, although you do have to pay attention to the years that pass between one coat of paint and another. The ideal is not to let more than 3 years pass between the last renovation and the new exterior paint that will be used. This will allow both concrete, wood, and brick walls to remain in good condition. 

The 4 Types Of Exterior Paints For Best Results 

With the decision made about painting the exterior of your home, it is time to learn about the 4 best types of paints that you can use. Mainly, the advantages are in the duration and the protection of the walls that cover the facade, terraces, and other places exposed to outdoor and weather conditions. Some may work specifically with one type of material or be more effective on certain surfaces. 

1 - Outdoor latex

If the surface is found to be in good structural condition, after having checked for cracks or moisture, exterior latex is an option to take into account. Its most interesting properties are in the support and resistance to severe weather conditions, such as rain or powerful sun, which causes high temperatures in the environment.

2 - Waterproofing

If fissures or microcracks are found on the surface, the most suitable paint is the so-called waterproofing paint. This style of exterior painting provides greater elasticity, accompanying the natural movement of the walls. Its goodness continues, generating unbeatable protection against water.

3 - Textured cladding

The plastic coating for walls, also known as Tarquini, covers the surfaces and in turn, gives them texture, and color, with the usual protection. The coating replaces in some way the fine plaster, being able to be placed directly on the thick one.

4 - 100% Acrylic Paint And Acrylic Vinyl

Special properties for surfaces that are outdoors, without repairs or roofs or awnings that reduce the load or wear caused by the weather. The 100% acrylic paint offers the highest protection against humidity and even alkalinity problems. Its distinctive feature is that it forms an antifungal film. Its popularity grows in places with high levels of humidity (for example, coastal areas) and that is why it is adding more and more variants to its style, today more than a thousand colors of this style of exterior paint can be found, either with a finish matte or satin. 

For completion of your exterior painting project in a perfect manner, you always need to contact a professional exterior painting company that has the experience to give your home a good look altogether.