Getting rid of ants in your home - 6 tips

Sep 5


Jay Banks

Jay Banks

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For most homeowners, ants can represent a serious problem. While there are many commercial products out there that promise to help you get rid of them, there are more naturals ways that are cheaper and healthier. Follows these steps as you go and ants will vanish.

  1. Locate the place where the ants are entering the house. You can do this if you follow their trails.
  2. Buy Diatomaceous earth at your local hardware store and apply it to the holes or cracks where the ants enter. If you have trouble finding it,Getting rid of ants in your home - 6 tips Articles get baby poweder as some contain this material. Check back regularly and if they're still there, apply some more. Ants will not get close to this place, because they almost immediately die if they touch it.
  3. You can get rid of the remaining ants by spraying baby powder mixed with water on them. Make sure you sweep the floor after you do this.
  4. For a more animal friendly way of getting rid of ants, try to spray them with a peppermint essential oil / water mix. You can also soak a long piece of string in peppers or cinamon and put it around your home.
  5. Consider planting mint plants along your house. It will keep them out
  6. Keep your house clean. If you do your dishes regularly, mop the floor and wipe the kitchen tables every day, there won't be any reason for ants to enter, as they're looking for leftover foods and sugar.

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