Heart Pine Flooring Has Many Advantages

Jan 23


Ace Abbey

Ace Abbey

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There are many different options out there when it comes to choosing a material for a new floor in your home or office, but it is hard to find one with the same combination of unique characteristics and practical advantages that heart pine can offer.

Heart pine may not be one of the first materials you think of when you start considering what to use for a new or remodeled floor,Heart Pine Flooring Has Many Advantages Articles but it has more advantages over other types than you may realize.

Heart pine was once considered to be among the most desired types of wood in the construction industry. Growing tall and strong and able to be cut in extremely straight pieces, it was also naturally resistant to termites and moisture, which prevented it from decaying.

For these important reasons, along with the fact that it was also commonly found around the world, it was used to build structures for many years until it eventually became far less plentiful. Nowadays it can still be used in recycled fashion, as heart pine that is reclaimed from older structures and other uses can be re-milled into sturdy pieces that can be used for many of the same things.

So what sets it apart from the many other types of woods and other various materials that can be used in laying a floor? For starters, the fact that it is reclaimed, recycled wood is a unique factor that has both practical and aesthetic benefits.

By purchasing a recycled product, a consumer is helping the environment by preventing new trees from being cut down to produce lumber that might otherwise be used. Similarly, the lack of manufacturing needed to prepare an already-existing product to be used in construction is significantly better for the Earth than the production of new wood, tile or other materials.

At the same time, reclaimed flooring has a unique character and appearance that newer floors cannot possess, and can also be molded and manipulated to fit into spaces, colors and motifs that more modern woods, tile and stone cannot.

There is also a significant advantage when it comes to the durability and longevity of heart pine. As one of the strongest types of woods around, it is as sturdy a material as one will find to use in flooring. It can not only withstand the many scratches and dents it will be subjected to, but will also carry its weight and maintain its form and appearance over the long term as well.

Finally, the convenience factor of wood floors should not be ignored. Unlike carpeting and many forms of tile, wood is uniform and flat to the point of being much easier to clean than many of its counterparts. It can be vacuumed as easily as it can be dusted or mopped and will maintain its appearance whether it is spotless or not.

For these reasons and many others, heart pine is one of the best choices one can make when it comes to deciding on flooring. To decide if it is a proper fit for your own space, it is best to speak with a licensed professional who can help you decide on the right move to make.

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