How to Choose the Right Gate Operator

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Gates protect your home and family. Choosing the right gate operator is very important, learn what to look for when making this decision.

We at Aberdeen Custom Gate & Iron have been the local provider for Northern Texas since 1997. As such,Guest Posting for over twenty yeas, our staff has prided themselves as the leaders in custom gate design, repair and installation. Today, our skilled professionals can’t wait to help you in even the most specific or creative installation. To accommodate each customer’s needs, we happily work with a multitude of materials and designs, as well as providers, including the following:








U.S. Automatic


            Each provider meets a different need, but before you even choose your design or materials, look into what type of gate operator you want. There are three main types: a swing gate, a slide gate or a solar powered gate. Not only does each convey a different style, but presents a different function, as well. The form of your property may not, in fact, follow the functional swing of a swing gate; you may not have the space to allow both the sweep of the gate and your guests. In such case, a slide gate may be more practical. Similarly, a slide gate may not be optimal for the space and may not the movement you envisioned. In that case, a swing gate may be the better option.

A swing gate is also lighter than a slide gate; it requires less force to open it. Depending on your property or needs, this may be an advantage or disadvantage. The third element to consider in choosing your gate operator is whether your gate will be solar powered or not. This is a great option for more remote properties where power supply is remote or non-existent. Not only is this option green, but it’s also reliable for a property accustomed to electricity hiccups.


Regardless of which operator you choose, the professionals at Aberdeen Custom Gate & Iron would love to be a part of your decision. We know all the pros and cons of each gate we create. Let us build yours today.

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