How to Clean Siding the DIY Way

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If you drive through the suburban street, you will notice that most of the houses are made up of popular vinyl siding. It is one of the most common exterior cladding in the whole of the USA, which makes up 27 per cent of the exterior material on single-family homes.

These kinds of siding are popular in the Mid-Atlantic and New England regions where 70 per cent of the new homes started in 2015 have vinyl siding.

The best thing about vinyl siding is its durability and low maintenance and also have attraction. However,Guest Posting as it is low-maintenance but that does not mean that it should be cleaned from time to time. Rain, scorching sunlight, freezing temperatures, hail, ice and snow all take a toll on the toughest home exterior. Other factors such as dirt and grime play a very similar role and in the humid climate, it starts to accumulate on the vinyl siding.

However, the good news for homeowners is that it is easy to clean vinyl siding. You do not have to get some professional training or get a power washer to clean it. It requires a little time, elbow grease and some cleaning materials and you can start doing it on your own.

Signs you need to clean your siding    

Vinyl siding should be washed every year and the things like dirt, grime, pollen, spider web and mould can make the appearance of the vinyl siding dull. However, we will be providing you with some tips to avoid these issues turn into a bigger problem.

  • Choose a cloudy day so that the sun does not make the spots dry too quickly and unevenly.
  • Close all the doors and windows to prevent getting water sprayed inside the house.
  • If you have furniture or toys outside, remove them from the work area.
  • Cover your landscaping with some materials so that they are not damaged from the cleaning products.
  • If there is any light or electrical unit outside, cover them with plastic or tape.
  • Wear long sleeve shirt and pants along with rubber gloves and always wear closed-toed shoes.
  • You can also wear safety goggles and a face mask to protect your skin from the chemicals of cleaning materials.
  • Keep your all cleaning supplies in your reach and use a garden hose with a spray nozzle.

Techniques for the best clean

There are a lot of tips for cleaning the vinyl siding easily. You can remove the dirt and grime from the vinyl siding with a simple garden hose and a spray nozzle set.

In order to avoid the damage, use a wide spray pattern and keep the spray moving all the time. Start the spray from the bottom and work your way up and then you can reverse and go from the top back down. You can even use a cloth to remove the hard dirt.

You can use a mild detergent or any other cleaning solutions to remove the stubborn dirt and grime. Apply the detergent or cleaning solution from the bottom and work your way up. Try to keep the nozzle of the spray moving and rinse away any soapy water before it dries. 

However, some other methods of cleaning are listed below which can help you in this task Georgetown Roofing Contractors.

  • General Cleaning Solution: You can mix some laundry detergent with a TSP cleaner which you can find at your local hardware store in a large bucket. Use a long-handled brush or a brush that comes with an extender to softly scrub vinyl siding with a solution.
  • Mould and Mildew Solution: Wear eye protection and protect your plants during the cleaning process. You can take a large bucket and mix one part of bleach and four parts of water. Use a sprayer pump to apply the solution to affected areas and let that sit for 10 minutes before you start scrubbing. Always scrub with a soft bristle brush and rinse well from top to bottom.

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