Common Types of Ipe Siding Patterns

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Find out which are the most common ipe siding patterns


Although it isn’t used often due to the low cost of vinyl siding,Guest Posting people who want to give their homes a distinctive look may choose to side their houses with hardwood. There are several options for wood side, including ipe siding, which is a wood originating in Central and South America. Ipe siding comes in four different patterns, including:

* Ship-lap siding.
* Tongue and groove siding.
* Rain screen siding.
* Eased-edge siding.

Siding can also be customized for residential or commercial projects. Each of these siding patterns profiles have their uses and benefits.

Ship-lap Siding

Ipe ship-lap siding is made to interlock by milling rabbit joints into the top and bottom of each board. Not only is it an attractive siding option, it is less expensive than other profiles, such as tongue and groove siding. It requires more work to make it lay flat as it is being put up, but when done correctly, its finished appearance is one many owners appreciate.

Tongue and Groove Siding

Tongue and groove siding is milled so the boards fit together, with a tongue sliding into a groove, so it easily interlocks. When it is put up, it lays flat against the structure and the way it fits together creates a better barrier against the elements than ship lap siding. Ipe tongue and groove siding in San Francisco would do a better job at protecting your home from rain and the moisture within the heavy damp fog that often blankets the area.

Rain screen Siding

Rain screen siding is similar to ship-lap siding except there is a groove in which the fastener fits so the siding doesn’t fit snugly against the wall of the structure. When rain screen siding is installed, the fasteners allow for extra moisture drainage to prevent rain or other moisture from seeping into the materials of the structure and damaging it. So, ipe rain screen siding in Los Angeles would allow excess rain to drain between the siding and the wall.

Eased-edge Siding

Eased-edge siding is made to overlap, so the top end of the board is thinner than the bottom. The bottom edge was a slight indentation so the top, thin edge of another board can slide over the top board to interlock the two pieces of siding. It is one of the most common siding patterns made for wood, cement or vinyl siding products.

If you’re unsure as to which siding pattern you should buy, companies like The Decking Superstore can help you select what is best for your needs. If you live in northern California, then purchasing ipe rain screen siding in San Francisco may be the best option for your home. It allows excess moisture to drain, so it would help prevent mildew, rot and other problems beneath the wood.

While you could order rain screen siding, the climate is drier in southern California so ipe tongue and groove siding in Los Angeles would provide good protection against moisture seepage during heavy rains. Ipe siding is durable, strong and provides protection against the elements to maintain the value of your property.


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