How To Prevent a Residential Burglary

Sep 21


David Deffenbaugh

David Deffenbaugh

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The old saying is an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. But prevent a home burglary? Yes, it most definitely can happen. Here are some effective, easy, and even very inexpensive ways to prevent burglaries.

There are ways to prevent residential burglary.  Now,How To Prevent a Residential Burglary Articles it should be noticed that a determined, experienced burglar can probably break into just about any home.  But most burglars are opportunists.  They are looking for targets (homes) that provide the best opportunity for them.  And, experienced burglars are going to be able to spot easy targets quickly.  So, prevention of a burglary has to do with making your home anything but an easy target.

So, what can you do to help prevent residential burglary?

Keep a well-maintained yard and property
Burglars are looking for seclusion (places to hide).  Keep shrubs and bushes trimmed to cut down on hiding spots.  Also, keep yard and garden tools picked up.  Burglars are also looking for something to help them gain entrance to the home.  Don’t leave tools laying around that will make that easier.  The same goes for kids’ toys too.  Keep things picked up.

Security System
One of the surest ways to help prevent a burglary is a security system.  When a security system is present then it sends a quick message to the would-be intruder that this house just isn’t worth the trouble or the risk, and they move on to an easier target.  One of the biggest proofs of the value of a security system in deterring burglars is that many (most?) home insurance companies offer up to a 20% discount on your premiums if you have such a system in place.  They know that in the long run such a discount is saving them money. 

Burglars like to hide and darkness only enhances their ability to do so.  Some kind of lighting at entry points (doors and windows) is something a burglar does not want to see.  Motion detector-equipped lights can be a good option if you don’t like the idea of having lights on all the time.   

Make it look like someone’s at home, even when you aren’t
Of course, the oldest trick in the book is turning on lights when you’re gone.  Putting lights on timer switches is a step up.  Lights coming on at dusk and then going off later makes a person think someone is at home.  Appliances, like a TV, can be set with the same kind of switches. 

In this regard, don’t leave signs that you aren’t home either.  Several days’ newspapers on the lawn, mail piled in the mailbox, or even a note on the front door alerting some person (like the cable guy), “Be back in 30 minutes” (which can be read by anybody, right?), all broadcast the message that the house is empty.

I know, I know – you already know this.  But keep your doors and windows locked.  It is amazing how many people fail to carry out this very simple, yet effective step.  Sometimes opportunistic crooks are just looking for an open door – literally.  Don’t give it to them. 

Also related to this point, don’t get in the habit of leaving the house the same way every time you leave, for instance, all the shades pulled and the front porch light on. 
This certainly is no exhaustive list, but you get the idea.  Take a few easy steps to keep your home from appearing as an inviting target for a home burglar.

The fact is, you probably already know most of this stuff.  But are you doing it? Simple steps can definitely help prevent a residential burglary.