Install A Water Heater Timer To Save Energy

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Tank water heaters waste a lot of energy every month due to their design. But there is something that homeowners can do to minimize this wasted energy. By installing a timer you can save energy and money.

Most people are willing to do the little things to save energy and money,Guest Posting but all too often they just do not know what options are available to them. Well, if you are one of the millions of US homeowners that are using an electric storage tank water heater, one of these small things that can make a big impact is installing a timer to regulate when there is power to your water heater and save energy. With the high cost of energy these days, a little extra savings every month can add up to big savings on your budget.

The idea behind installing a timer stems from the inherent inefficiency in the design of a tank water heater. These models are great and do a fantastic job as evidenced by their continuing popularity to this very day. They are affordable and reliable, lasting for many years. But the design of these units leaves a bit to be desired in terms of energy efficiency. The way a conventional tank storage unit works is that water enters a large tank and gets heated by two elements. There is one element up top and one at the bottom of the tank.

The flaw in the design that renders these models less than optimal in performing their jobs is the fact that water that gets heated and does not get used will eventually cool down and require heating again. This inefficient cycle gets repeated over and over again until the water is finally used in your home. Each time that water gets heated and goes unused, you are wasting energy throwing away money.

That brings us to one practical solution to this problem. If homeowners will take the opportunity to install a timer, then you can prevent the cycle of heating and cooling and only heat water when it is really needed. If your water heater has an adequate first hour heating rating, you only need to give the unit a one hour head start on heating the water you will need in order to have a sufficient supply for your use.

This is a project that most people can do themselves without the assistance of a plumber but there are some situations where installing a water heater timer makes sense and some where it doesn't. If you have already installed a heat trap and insulated your pipes, you won't reap the same benefits as homeowners that do not have heat traps and insulation in place. Also, timers are not a good fit for gas-powered units.

Saving money can be simple once consumers know what their options are and then they take action on the ones that are a good fit for their homes. Installing a water heater timer is one of these simple tasks that people with electric water heaters can perform and save energy and money. You get the financial savings as well as the satisfaction that comes from knowing that you are being a responsible user of the planet's natural resources.

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