Maids: House Cleaning Made Easy

Jan 6


Ace Abbey

Ace Abbey

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Choosing reliable housekeepers and maids can be a challenging task, but doing your homework can help ensure that your money is well spent. Be sure to look for cleaning companies that employ screened and trained workers, who are insured and bonded so that you are assured of service standards that combine quality and integrity.

House cleaning can often get cumbersome for busy homeowners,Maids: House Cleaning Made Easy Articles and picking a reliable housekeeping service is often a practical decision that can be affordable too if you research your options. Knowing your needs and communicating them right is key to picking maids who are efficient yet dependable.

Researching Right

Choosing a trustworthy service is paramount to ensuring that the cleaning gets done without constant supervision. Sift through your local maid service on the web or ask for personal referrals from friends before picking the service that fits your needs and budget. While most specialist services will offer only verified maids who have undergone thorough screening, it pays to do your own research by asking for references and speaking to past clients. Before picking a service, be sure that the cleaning agency is insured and bonded to prevent any unpleasantness at a later date.

Aside from reliability, a good cleaning service must staff trained professionals who are open to special requests and can offer a quality service that fits into your schedule. Most cleaning agencies will ensure that your maids arrive with all necessary equipment and supplies including detergents and solvents as well as vacuums and brushes. While choosing a service that is all-inclusive can help make it more cost-effective, it is still important to understand the nature of products used. For instance, household solvents with strong smells or those that leave undesirable residue are best avoided since this can have long-standing implications. Share specific concerns about products utilized with your maid agency so they can customize your cleaning experience.

Choosing Service Packages

Most housekeeping companies offer standard cleaning deals that include routine clean-up of one or more rooms in the house. Typically, a regular cleaning job may include vacuuming and dusting of the bedrooms and living rooms with additional cleaning and sanitization of the kitchen and baths. While most maids will still be able to handle other mundane chores like the dishes and laundry as well as floor scrubbing and waxing, there are several other services that are likely to be part of deep cleaning packages or custom add-ons. Chief among these are upholstery or drapery cleaning with related deep-cleaning chores such as polishing woodwork or shining chrome fixtures and electricals installed on high ceilings. In most cases, specific tasks such as carpet cleaning and moving heavy furniture may require additional professional assistance, so be sure to ask about custom packages beforehand.

Cleaning Tips

While hiring the right cleaning service is important, these handy cleaning tips should make house cleaning less daunting particularly if you entertain often. Avoiding clutter can be tricky, so investing in practical storage solutions is a pre-requisite to a fresh and ambient space. Protect box springs and mattresses in mite-resistant covers to keep dust and bugs away. Be sure to also service frequently used appliances such as air conditioning units and heating systems to help avoid dust build-up and keep them running in top shape. Aside from organization around the home, keeping bathrooms and kitchens tidy can be a hassle. A good rule of thumb is to ensure that moisture build-up is kept to a minimum to help avert mold and mildew.

There is little doubt that regular house cleaning can actually determine how fresh and healthy your interiors are. Picking the right maids is key to creating a space that is as warm as it is welcoming.