Maintaining Your Air Handler for Optimal Environmental Control

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Potential problems with the air handler and the repair process to keep your eye on.


The purpose of the air handler is to manage the cold or hot air that flows throughout the building. It may sound similar to an air conditioner or heater,Guest Posting but its purpose is to move the air around and not manage the temperature. They are used in combination with air conditioners and heaters to get the temperature-controlled air moving all throughout the building. When properly maintained, an air handler can last up to 25 years. Proper maintenance should be conducted at least once a year. Even with regular maintenance, things may still break down and go wrong. If there is a change in the air quality such as a change in temperature or a new odor, it could be an indication that something is wrong with the air handler. Here’s a list of potential issues and what type of repair may be required to fix them.

Is It Really the Air Handler?

If it seems like the temperature has changed, it could be an issue with the air conditioner or heater rather than the air handler. One way to find out is by checking the thermostat. If the thermostat is indicating an unlikely temperature, then it may be best to have the temperature controlling unit checked. If there is a change in the airflow and temperature, it may be an indication that the air handler is not moving the air around as efficiently. It could either mean that the air handler needs to be cleaned or repaired. If it’s regularly maintained, then there’s a good chance that the air handler may need to be repaired.

Change in Air Quality

Many factors can affect the air quality. If there’s a new or worsening odor this could indicate there is a leak somewhere in the air handler system. A leak could allow water to get into the system causing there to be a musty or moldy scent. If there is a crack or hole somewhere, rodents could get in. Both of these circumstances could pose a serious health risk to the people in the building inhaling the air. As soon as there is a new odor, an air handler repair technician should be called in to take a look at the issue.

Repairing the Air Handler

Other than odor and temperature issues there could also be new noises or vibration indicating an issue. Even if the air handler is maintained regularly, it could need a new filter. The process for repairing an air handler begins with cleaning and replacing any broken or damaged parts. Then the technician will go through and thoroughly clean and disinfect with environmentally friendly products. They will then remove the old coating and replace it with a fresh coating. The coating is to help prevent fires and leaks.


If the building air quality changes all of a sudden, then the air handler may need to be repaired. It could also be an issue with another part of the HVAC system. It’s important to have the entire system regularly cleaned and maintained to help provide the best air quality possible to keep people healthy and safe.

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