Outdoor Lighting Ideas Using Hanging Outdoor Lights and Lamps

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Create a summer resort right in the backyard or "add-on" living space by turning the deck or patio into an outdoor room. A few creative outdoor lighting ideas can transform an outdoor area into a relaxing retreat that restores serenity,Guest Posting encourages quality-time with the family and brings friends together. It's all about setting the mood with lighting.

Outdoor rooms are an extension of the home. But it requires special planning to create a space that is inviting, relaxing and that meets the family's needs. Knowing how different parts of the outdoor space will be used will increase enjoyment of the area and make it the most-used "room" of the season. Using that knowledge to choose whether you want a hanging outdoor light or a flush mounted ceiling fixture can make a big difference in a room’s functionality. Here are a few outdoor lighting ideas to create the perfect setting.

Safety First

It's essential to make outdoor spaces accessible and safe. Post mounted outdoor lamps brighten dark doorsteps, help visitors find the driveway and navigate unfamiliar sidewalks. Older people and those with reduced vision will especially appreciate having their paths well-illuminated. Use motion-activated flood lights, timers and photo-cells to make sure lights are on when they're needed the most. Outdoor lamps not only add warmth and radiance to a home, it helps to insure against the risk of injury due to falls, and improves late-night personal security.

Outdoor Rooms

Outdoor rooms like indoor spaces are always a reflection of the homeowner's individual tastes, space limitations and family needs. Today's outdoor lighting is durable, affordable and available in a wide range of finishes and styles which mean homeowners have tremendous freedom to imagine their outdoor rooms in ways never before possible. Great selections of hanging outdoor lights, post mounted lights, and different types of task lighting provide an abundance of options.

- Small patios and balconies may serve several different functions throughout a day. Create your own private "coffee-shop" for reading the morning paper with hanging outdoor lights, such as pendants. For romantic evening hours, turn on wall mounted lanterns -- they spread a warm glow at the floor level rather than making guests feel like they're in a spotlight.

- Backyard decks or porches are often the entertainment hub where friends and family gather. The furniture, planters, grill and decorative touches are typically grouped around functions like food preparation, eating, socializing and quite conversation. Good food is part of the fun of summer entertaining so it's smart to provide the family chef with task-focused lighting. To keep the chef from overcooking the burgers, use a grill lamp or, if the area is enclosed, an outdoor ceiling light -- the chef can see what he's doing without the light interfering with the ambiance of the rest of the deck.

- Wall-mounted deck sconces, under bench deck lights and deck step lights are the perfect lighting for quite evening conversations or midnight stargazing. Their low wattage and stylish design provide the glow and charm that make the deck a favorite place to relax and enjoy warm summer breezes.

- Other outdoor rooms. Outdoor rooms aren't always gazebos, decks or patios; they can be as simple as a bench in a garden, a trellis or arbor gate, or just a grouping of plants around a fountain or birdbath. Low voltage landscape lighting tucked into the foliage, adds drama, mystery and enchantment to outdoor rooms or secret gardens and adds grace to an entrance. Decorative path lights accent special features of a garden or spread a soft glow along a walkway. The finishes and styles range from whimsy to classic and everything in between.

Dark Sky and Light Pollution

One additional consideration when considering different outdoor lighting ideas is what impact the lighting will have on the neighbors and the amount of "light pollution" that's being added to the night sky. The amount of light that is considered "excessive" may be a personal point of view but people can usually agree. For those who love seeing the stars or preserving the natural environment we share with nocturnal creatures, it's easy to select outdoor lamps designed to minimize light pollution.


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