Plumber San Jose - Troubleshooting Common Water Boiler Problems

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It is important to maintain the boiler properly by getting it checked by a professional plumber San Jose after every 6 months. This ensures the smooth working of the appliance.

A good quality water boiler has a life expectancy of about 12 years. However,Guest Posting it may encounter problems along the way. It can be caused due to numerous reasons, which in turn can be dangerous to one’s life and also to the property.

Therefore, here are few common signals which should be checked:

  1. Inconsistent water temperature- Cold water coming from the faucet is an obvious sign of boiler failure. However, excessively hot water flow is also a major problem. This is caused due to defective thermostat which should be replaced by a professional plumber San Jose as early as possible.
  2. Leak- If an unusual amount of moisture is present around the boiler, it indicates a leak. It results in the wastage of water and also leads to the consumption of excessive fuel. This can put a lot of strain on the boiler. Therefore, it is necessary to fix the leak by taking help of a professional.
  3. Unusual odor- An unusual odor from the boiler, especially of oil or gas, depicts a sign of  danger. One should immediately turn off the control valve and call a professional immediately. Moreover, keeping a Carbon monoxide monitor at home is important if you have appliances powered by natural gas.
  4. Increased sediment- Another problem can arise if the water in the boiler is muddy or contains mineral sediments. One  should clean  the boiler by disconnecting the electricity and draining  the water or may even take the help of a professional.
  5. Noise- Due to the iron and sludge deposits in the boiler, a hissing sound may be produced. The accumulated deposits can interfere with the functioning of the boiler and cause serious damage. Therefore, it is necessary to call a certified plumber and fix the problem.
  6. Water pressure- Sometimes, the flow of the water may not be consistent due to the build-up of scale in the boiler. Therefore, it is important to get it checked by a professional to avoid further problems.
  7. Rusty water- The water from the boiler may run a rusty indicating the growth of rust inside the boiler. This can affect the functioning of the boiler and can  make one to spend a lot of money. Therefore, the problem should be attended on time.

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