Residential Painting Tips

Jan 19


Antoinette Ayana

Antoinette Ayana

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Residential painting tips for your next home project.

If you are starting a residential painting project,Residential Painting Tips Articles there are a number of things to keep in mind in order to ensure the project goes smoothly. The first step in any project is to pick your paint. Be sure to read about the differences in paint types and the imperfections involved in using each. For example, high gloss paint is extremely durable and easy to clean, but will bring out imperfections in your wall. Flat paint does a better job of hiding perfections but is much harder to keep clean and will damage easier. If you can't decide between high gloss or flat, you may want to split the difference and go with eggshell.

The next step after you have chosen the type of pain is to pick your color. Anyone that has visited a home renovation warehouse can tell you that you can find paint in just about every color of the rainbow and then some. Residential painting projects are unique in that you can choose colors that suit you and your family. However, you also have to be sure that you pick a color you will be happy looking at every day. Don't default to white just because you are nervous about color. Take swatches home and paint areas in small sections to see if you like the color before you hit the whole room. Beautiful and warm spaces can be created with a dash of creativity and bold daring.

If you are testing different types of paint and colors, you will want to start out with samples from the painting company or home renovation warehouse. Investing in gallons of paint only to put it up on your wall and decide that you hate it can get very costly very quickly. Instead, a sample size makes your residential painting project much cheaper and allows you to spend more of your budget on the gallons of paint that you like.

In the end, it is usually better to hire a professional commercial team that can perform your residential painting job and get it done right the first time. Hiring the right team for the job is the first and usually most important step in getting the results you desire. We often balk at the initial investment and think we can do it cheaper, but in the end, the amount of time and money we spend would have been better invested toward a professional job with professional results.