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The Basic to Modern Square Sinks

A quick way to help achieve a modern look in a bathroom is to install a square sink. The square shape may be basic,Guest Posting but the endless styles and varieties of square sinks are anything but. For example, the corners of the sink may be sharp or rounded, the edges may be beveled or flattened out, the bowl area may be gently sloping towards the drain or standing upright at 90-degree angles, or the sink itself may be set into the countertop or sitting directly on the countertop as a freestanding vessel.

Some square sinks are as pointy as a box while others are slightly curved around the edges, yet both styles offer a very sleek alternative to the staid oval sinks that are very common.

A square sink adds an unexpected element to the bathroom that generally feels modern. However, square sinks can have a classic feel if the sink is sitting on a pedestal. The square sink can also feel rustic if it is made out of fireclay in the thick, farmhouse style.

When you have a square sink in the bathroom, accessorizing with square-shaped accessories helps to reemphasize the modern square theme. Accessorizing with either small mirrors, candles, soaps and soap dishes, towel bar, a toothbrush holder, or a trash can that are square in shape will make the square sink stand out even more.

To make a truly modern statement with a square sink, install the faucets into the wall above the sink or as a tall single faucet unit installed into the countertop rather than into the sink. Installing a tall faucet into the countertop works very well with a square vessel sink.

With all of the endless varieties and styles of square sinks available, you can find the right square sink to help update your bathroom.

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