Steps of Applying Exterior Stucco

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Applying exterior stucco to a home is a simple procedure and a project any homeowner can do. There are only a few simple steps to making your home have a completely new look and feel.

Applying exterior stucco is a simple project that any homeowner can do if they are willing to get their hands dirty. This will save you money and any possible contractor related frustration. There are only four steps to applying stucco finishes to the exterior of a home. These include preparing the wall,Guest Posting scratching the coat, wetting the mortar, and the finish coat.The first thing you need to do when applying exterior stucco is to prepare the wall.  Be sure the wall you have chosen to apply stucco to is a solid backing and not one that is not strong enough to hold the stucco. Stucco is mostly cement so the backing should be durable enough to hold it. When applying stucco to concrete, brick, or block, brush the concrete bonding on first. Allow the bonding to dry entirely. Then apply the stucco to the wall. If you are applying stucco to a wood wall then you will need to use roofing felt, netting, and to apply the scratch coat.After applying exterior stucco to the concrete bonding you will scratch the first coat. Don’t begin scratching on a wall and then move to another area. Once you begin one wall, be sure to complete it. The best tool to use for scratching stucco finishes is a plasterer’s rake. Be sure you scratch the mortar surface at a depth of approximately 1/8 inch. It is best to run the tool in long lines along the stucco surface.The stucco surface on the house should remain wet. As with any type of concrete or mortar product, slow and damp curing will provide the most durability. This coat needs to cure for a minimum of 36 hours but can take up to 48. The best way to keep the material damp on the house is by misting it with a garden hose. If it is hot outside then you may need to mist the stucco more than you would on a cooler day.You need to apply a finish coat when applying exterior stucco. Some people only use one coat but it is best to apply a finish coat. When you apply the finish coat use a flat trowel and apply up to ¼ inch coat.  If you are painting stucco or you want to add powdered pigment, add the pigment prior to applying the stucco to the side of the home. Be sure you finish the texture you choose to apply entirely across the area. Allow several days for the stucco to cure and mist the surface occasionally to allow the curing process to slow. The final touches of the stucco finish require you to apply caulking around doors and edges of windows. If you plan on painting the stucco then you should wait for a period of up to six weeks before you apply it to the concrete.Applying exterior stucco is a simple project and it can be done in just a few steps.  All you need to do is apply the concrete bonding, apply the stucco, scratch the stucco, apply the final coat, and cure the material for several days.

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