Style and Comfort in Round Vintage Tubs

Sep 4


Peter West

Peter West

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Five reasons to add the round Vintage Tub and Bath bathtub to your home.

The round Vintage Tub and Bath bathtub will provide elegance and just a touch of another time to any bathroom. This round bathtub provides function,Style and Comfort in Round Vintage Tubs Articles elegance, and luxury. It's made to last and can even survive style updates. If you're shopping for a new bathtub, this may be the one. In this article, we'll explore five reasons to consider adding this round bathtub to your bathroom during your remodel or home building project.Reasons to Add the Round Vintage Tub and Bath Bathtub1. Elegance. The elegant and timely design of the round Vintage Tub and Bath bathtub has just a hint of another period about it without being overly antique or Victorian. If you want a touch of vintage without the obvious fixtures and design, this drop in style circular vintage tub will liven up the room or melt into it, whichever way suits you best. 2. Size. For a tub, size does in fact matter, at least if you want a real bath. This round Vintage Tub and Bath bathtub holds 72 gallons of water and comes in at a good 60". At the end of the day, you'll have plenty of room in this tub to sink down for a comfortable soak in steaming water.3. Bubbles. To combine the loveliness of vintage with the luxe of modern whirlpool technology is heaven itself for some. If you want the antique look but the modern convenience, the round Vintage Tub and Bath bathtub provides both. It comes with the Champagne Massage Air-Jet system, a blower that froths up the water and massages your every muscle while you bathe. You may very well feel and look as if you're floating in a champagne glass!4. Flexibility. The clean lines and drop in styling of the round Vintage Tub and Bath bathtub will work with whatever design taste you have. If vintage is your thing and your bathroom centers around Victorian stripes and tarnished brass faucets, this bathtub will fit right in. However, if you want a classic tub but prefer more modern designs, this same tub will work for you as well. This bathtub is not an outrageous design that smacks of trends or passing design fancies. It's traditional enough to last but modern enough to suit current tastes. If you do love vintage, however, adding a traditional Victorian style faucet is all you need to turn on the antique look.5. Durability. This round bathtub is constructed out of Acrastone II and made to last. Between the construction and design, you won't be changing it out any time soon. The round Vintage Tub and Bath bathtub comes with predrilled overflow and drain holes. The faucet holes, on the other hand, are yours to drill with a handy hole saw.Whether you are a vintage fan or you just want a touch of the elegant Victorian age in your bathroom, the round Vintage Tub and Bath bathtub will be whatever you want it to be. The elegance, size, bubbles, flexibility, and durability of this bathtub make it a wonderful addition to any bathroom.