Swimming pools : The new trend in living lifesytle

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Earlier thought as being only the prerogative of the rich class, swimming pools have found strong takers over the period of the last decade mainly due to increased consciousness over one’s health and increased spending power that made these all the more affordable.

Swimming pools are not a very common phenomenon in India,Guest Posting but the trend is catching up pretty soon, more so because of the increased spending power and the way things have happened in the past few years with the changing lifestyles and the increasing awareness regarding staying fit and keeping in shape. Till now, swimming enthusiasts throughout the country have been following a standard practice of going to the local health club or gymnasium whenever there is a need to take a dip. Many have inculcated it in their daily routine, and every morning or evening there is a must trip to the local swimming pool. Basically, swimming in itself is a very healthy exercise, and it is imperative that many have made it a regular practice, since not only does it exercise all muscles of the body, it also leads to recreation via pleasure, and is a much healthier and convenient alternative to pumping weights in the gym for hours.

The main advantage of going for swimming as a recreation activity is that you get both, pleasure as well as the experience and benefit of a workout. Even as almost all the parts of yourself are being exercised, you hardly feel the same, since there is nearly no effort that you feel until and unless you have been swimming for hours together. Another advantage is that there is hardly any sweat or heat, which is a very strong reason for many to not join a gym. But as there are limitations to everything, there are also limitations to this medium. The first one is that many a times, one is scared to go into a pool simply for the fear of drowning. For this, it must be ensured that a proper trainer is always present if you don’t know how to swim properly, and even if you do, a lifeguard must always be nearby. For kids, the parents must ensure that they are present all the time so that they can keep an eye out for everything. The next issue comes up with the hygiene factor, and for the same, it must be ensured that there is a proper water purification system in place wherever you are going for a swim. And last, but not the least, is the problem of getting rashes on the skin. The cure for this is to either visit a physician the first time this happens, or to apply a moisturizer as a precaution since it works on all skin types.

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