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You can find various types of hardwood flooring in Fort Collins, however, we can make your job easier by informing you about the latest trends. Let us discuss the hardwood flooring trends.

Trends are ever-changing. Every year or a few months,Guest Posting these trends evolve. Home decor has unlimited scope for new trends. We will talk about flooring. Flooring gives life to your home, among other things. Either you are deciding the flooring for the first time or remodeling your home, you can find durable and stylish flooring ideas that are here to stay.

You can find various types of hardwood flooring in Fort Collins, however, we can make your job easier by informing you about the latest trends. Let us discuss the hardwood flooring trends:

Fumed Wood Flooring

Almost every wood flooring has to go through the staining process to give them the desired finish. Fumed wood does not go through this process. It gets its rich color and grain when it goes through the process called Fuming. In this process, the wood reacts to ammonia and changes color. Fuming enhances the wood’s color and natural grain. It gets a better finish than the stained wood.

Bleached woods

If you don’t like the look of dark and glossy brown shade on the flooring, you can go for the whitewashed look of bleached hardwood floor. This flooring is made up of a wood that has undergone bleaching process, also known as Blanching. The process involves applying a chemical solution on the wood to get rid of its color or the artificial stained color of the wood.

Distressed Wood

This trend has been used for a long time but has become more famous recently. Distressed wood flooring goes under artificial aging and styling which gives it a worn finish. If you desire a beautiful rustic look then this hardwood flooring is best for you.

There are a few steps taken to prepare this flooring; the edges of the wood plank are hand-scraped, several markings are added to give it a historic look and the gloss on the wood is removed to give it a soft worn look.

Patterned wood flooring

In this, you just have to choose your favorite wood and then place it in a creative design like diagonals, etc. you can use fun and unique patterns to make your floor layout special and interesting. These days the most used patterns are Chevron or Herringbone, they are a great way of adding newness to your flooring.

Vintage Black and White Tile Flooring

For vintage flooring style and bolder patterns, you can go for Vintage black and white tiles. These are not the historic plain black and white tiles that used to be the kitchen flooring. These are more luxurious with bolder patterns and graphics. It is a blend of vintage and contemporary styles.

Barn wood Tiles

You can consider this barn wood flooring trend with distressed color and style if you want to give your home a warm rustic look. There are also faux wood tiles. These days, the technology has evolved so much that you can’t differentiate between wood flooring and faux wood tile. This provides you with much more options to choose from. With tile flooring, you get both the advantages of tiles flooring and rustic wood flooring look.

Graphic TilesGraphic tiles are the most trendy of all. If you love bold and graphic patterns on your flooring then this is the one for you. At hardwood flooring in fort collins, you can choose from various range of monochromatic graphic tiles to multi-color patterned tiles. Using the technology these days, anything is possible like bold patterns and writing on the tiles.


I hope the above trends have helped you gain some perception into the latest flooring trends. Apart from the traditional designs of flooring that are overused, fumed, blanched and distressed wood flooring is new in town. Even tiles are given faux wood textures which are so real that you wouldn’t know the difference between what’s real and what’s not. This also provides you with multiple choices and endless possibilities to choose from.

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