The Best Hot Water Heaters

Jul 18


Chris Smitts

Chris Smitts

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Learn all about hot water heaters before you buy!


When purchasing a big-ticket item like a water heater,The Best Hot Water Heaters Articles it is helpful to know which brands are the best. As with many products, not every item is equivalent in terms of quality, reliability, and features. Learning which hot water heaters are the best makes the shopping process faster and less frustrating. Consumers can shop with confidence when they consider only the highest-rated products.

If price is not a determining factor but unlimited hot water and energy efficiency are, the Vertex series from A.O. Smith is the recommend gas tank model. This uses a condenser and is viewed as even better than a tankless water heater because it features a lower installation cost but offers the same features. Plumbers note the speed at which a Vertex heats water.

Consumers shopping for an electric water heater should consider the GE GeoSpring Hybrid heater. This unit qualifies for the current federal tax credit and as an ENERGY STAR model, also qualifies for state rebates and other local and state incentives. Prior to the release of this hybrid model, Rheem Marathon electric water heaters were considered the best due to their insulation and leakproof tank featuring a lifetime warranty.

Each of these models comes with a price tag well over $1,000. For those with a smaller budget, the gas GE Energy Star SG50T12AVG is a recommended buy. It costs about $650, features a 12-year parts warranty, and comes with one year of in-home repair. Previous purchasers give it high ratings and plumbers love the fact that the pilot light is sealed.

One of the best low-priced electric hot water heaters is the GE SE50M12AAH, which has a 50-gallon tank. A 12-year guarantee and one-year in-home repair are included with this heater that sells for about $450. Energy efficiency, speedy recovery rate, and ease of installation are a few of its best features.