The Best Personalised Kitchen Gift Guide

May 20


Kate Lomas

Kate Lomas

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Know someone who is renovating their kitchen or maybe you are wanting to add the finishing touch to your own kitchen? Then this personalised kitchen gift guide is ideal for you.


We all know that a kitchen is the part of the house where we spend most of our time,The Best Personalised Kitchen Gift Guide Articles so it’s really important to make it feel homely. Nothing is quite as unique as a personalised gift for the kitchen – something you use all the time, but gives you that warm fuzzy feeling inside, knowing it’s got your name on it!

  1. Personalised Nespresso Pod Holder

A must have in the kitchen is a good coffee machine! We absolutely love our Nespresso coffee machine, and must go through at least 4 pods a day. We always have around 50 nespresso pods so we are never short of coffee! A personalised nespresso pod holder comes in handy to store all of your pods. Made of bamboo and engraved with a unique message it’ll look superb on the side of any kitchen and also makes a wonderful gift for a coffee fiend.

  1. Personalised Coffee Mug

A personalised coffee mug is a must have for any kitchen. You could even treat mum, dad and the kids to one each – add their names to the front and they’ll be no fighting over who’s mug is who’s!

There’re so many personalised mugs to choose from, so make sure you find the one that’s right for you. You could even get one to commemorate a special occasion, such as a birthday. Or add a funny message to a mug to create a humorous gift they will love. 

  1. Personalised Chopping Board

We use our chopping board every day! It’s one of the most used items in the kitchen, so it’s always a good idea to make it yours. Engrave your initials or name to the front of the chopping board and it’ll stand proudly in your kitchen. Have a look through the different varieties of personalised chopping boards – our top tip is a glass one, they are super unique!

  1. Personalised Apron

If you are like us and are always cooking up a storm in the kitchen, then you need your very own personalised apron. Designed for Adults & Kids a personalised apron will help you put the icing on the cake to your baking. With so many different designs to choose from and lots of personalisation options, you’ll definitely be able to find one that suits you! 

  1. Personalised Cheese Board

Do you love cheese as much as us? Love having friends’ round for a cheese and wine night? Then you MUST grab yourself a personalised cheese board. You could engrave a fun caption such as ‘Brie Mine’ or just add your initials to the front of the cheese board to make those cheesey nights extra special. If you shop around you’ll find some cheese boards’ that come with all the tools you need to carve up your cheese stored inside the board!

  1. Personalised Breakfast Set

Perfect for a young child, a personalised breakfast set is a cherished gift a little one will keep for years to come. Most breakfast sets come with a bowl, plate and mug which can all be personalised with your child’s name. This makes for a super cute way for a little one to enjoy their breakfast each morning and a gift you certainly will never get rid of!

  1. Personalised Oven Gloves

You can’t live without a good set of oven mitts! Imagine how good they will look with your own name or a unique message. There’re so many styles to choose from, including both mitts and gloves. Whichever you go for – make sure you make it your own by adding your initials to the front of the gloves! 

  1. Personalised Baking Sets

Engrave a name or message onto a unique baking set! If you know someone who loves nothing more than to bake a cake or bun, then you’ve got to treat them to their own baking set. You’ll find baking sets for both kids and adults that they will treasure and use for years to come. Great to keep on the side in the kitchen ready to get your chef on!

  1. Personalised Recipe Boxes

Do you have a secret recipe you want to pass down from generation to generation? Make sure it’s stored safe and sound in a personalised recipe box. Engrave a name or special message to the front of your recipe box, and you can ensure that special dish is never lost.

  1. Personalised Travel Mug

In today’s world we are always on the go – with many responsibilities and things to do, enjoying a cup of tea or coffee just in the kitchen is a luxury we can’t all afford! So have your warm drink ‘to go’ in a personalised travel mug. A fantastic way to keep a drink warm, and you can really make it yours by adding a name or message to the front. You’ll certainly be travelling in style!

We hope you manage to find the perfect personalised kitchen gift or accessory. It really can make your home feel unique! We can recommend Make It Your Way UK Personalised Gifts. They offer some incredible personalised gifts for the kitchen, and we’ve ordered from them several times. With excellent reviews, and genuine customer service they really do care about making your kitchen extra special.

Please feel free to share photos of your personalised kitchen gift or accessory!

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