The difference between Steam Carpet Cleaning and Dry Carpet Cleaning – Which is better?

Aug 9


Roshan Augustin

Roshan Augustin

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Many carpets are stain-resistant because the manufacturer has treated them to help reduce the chance of staining. However, no carpet is stain-proof! Weekly vacuuming is a necessary step in prolonging the life of the carpet, but can only remove debris that is on the surface.


Over time and after constant walking on the carpets,The difference between Steam Carpet Cleaning and Dry Carpet Cleaning – Which is better? Articles the fibers trap dirt, soil, germs and other particles deep within the fibers which can cause the carpet to discolor. The only way to prevent permanent staining from dirt and other particles, is to get a professional deep clean. It is recommended to get a professional carpet clean annually, or every 6-10 months if you have pets and/or children. The majority of real estate agencies require a professional carpet cleaning to be completed as part of an end of lease. Depending on their requirements, there are two methods of carpet cleaning – Steam Carpet Cleaning, and Dry Carpet Cleaning. The difference between the two is that one involves hot water and chemicals to deeply clean the carpet fibers, and the other is a dry 'chemical clean' that doesn't involve water.


Steam Cleaning -

Steam Cleaning doesn't involve actual 'steam', but instead hot water to clean and sanitize the carpet thoroughly. In this method, hot water and chemicals are sprayed onto the carpet and then extracted (vacuumed up) immediately. This method of Carpet Cleaning provides a more thorough clean and is the method recommended by most carpet manufactures. Regular Steam Carpet Cleaning not only ensures cleaner carpets, but can also assist in maintaining a healthier home. A dirty carpet can retain several air pollutants, including pet dander and dust which can cause allergies to flare up. Regular Steam Carpet Cleaning can eliminate the dust, dirt, and bacteria that is deeply embedded within the carpet fibers. This will ensure a cleaner and healthier home. The main drawback of using this method is the carpet drying time. Factors that effect the drying time include air temperature, humidity, the amount of airflow. High humidity is very common in the warmer seasons in Queensland, and this can effect the drying time of the carpets. Increased humidity means more moisture in the air, which can mean a longer drying time. The carpets drying time can be reduced by turning on fans and opening windows/doors to allow for maximum air circulation.


Dry Cleaning -

Dry Carpet cleaning is more of a 'chemical clean'. Once the chemical is put onto the carpet it is then scrubbed using a pad. The dirt is lifted directly onto the pad or it will form into crystals as the chemical dries and then it can be vacuumed up later. This method of cleaning is good if the carpet needs to be used right away or only a light cleaning is required. Also, the equipment is light and easily maneuvered, so can be used to clean in units that have several stairs to climb. The main disadvantage to Dry Carpet Cleaning is that is doesn't provide a deep, thorough, sanitizing clean. This means that it has less chance to effectively remove stubborn or liquid stains. Dry Cleaning only really freshens/cleans the top layer of dirt and does not reach the bottom of the carpet.

Which method is better?

Both Steam Cleaning and Dry Cleaning can be effective when it comes to cleaning carpets. However, Steam Cleaning is the most recommended method when it comes to a deep and sanitizing clean. The benefits of Steam Carpet Cleaning allow for a more thorough cleaning overall. This is why most end of lease requires a Steam Carpet Cleaning to be done. This method removes trapped dirt that is actually abrasive, and can scratch and damage the carpet fibers, eventually causing premature wear. The only way to remove the soil is to have your carpets professionally cleaned by a qualified and trusted company like Cleaning Mate. If you are searching for a reliable Steam Cleaning company that know there stuff, then look no further than Cleaning Mate! Cleaning Mate is fully insured and easy to deal with. They are an IICRC certified company and have been operating for the past 9.5 years. The team are experts when it comes to Steam Cleaning of Carpets, Rugs, Mattresses, and Fabric Sofas. Cleaning Mate offers high quality Steam Carpet Cleaning at the best price! The Cleaning Mate team are proud to be an environmentally friendly company, by using only environmentally friendly and biodegradable products. Cleaning Mate is a name you can trust in your home with a great deal for 3 bedrooms steam cleaned for just $59. Cleaning Mate Brisbane have recently expanded their services to the Gold Coast, and are now coming to Toowoomba very soon! Cleaning Mate Brisbane, Cleaning Mate Gold Coast, and Cleaning Mate Toowomba can come to your home or office to freshen up your carpets, and bring them back to life! So contact us today for a free quote, our friendly staff are always willing to help.