The Many Bathtub Styles For Your Bathroom

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In this article we will go over the types of bathtubs not commonly known by most people. The types of bathtubs in our article are becoming both more available in recent years and more affordable.

Perhaps one of the most attractive and durable metals is copper making it a prime candidate to use in the manufacturing of a bath tub. A copper bath tub will no doubt make a bold statement in your bathroom as they have been for hundreds of years.

Copper bathtubs are manufactured in number of different country such as China and Mexico. They are made by heating the copper then hammering it into shape then fitting it over the bathtub. Copper bathtubs look great in any bathroom regardless if you have a traditional bathroom or a modern bathroom however they are more at home in a antique style bathroom.

What makes a copper bathtub look great is not only the finish of copper the numerous shapes and styles available make for a stunning appearance of this type of bath tub. Aside from looking great copper is a clean material and is resistant to having bacteria and mold growing on its surface making cleaning much easier.

Copper is also a very strong material to use and is resistant to cracks. Should a copper bathtub get scratched,Guest Posting the scratches will usually fade in time. This occurs by aging as the scratches will gradually become dimmer and will eventually disappear.

The caring of a copper bathtub is easy considering you need only to wipe it down with a soft cloth which is all that is needed to keep the bathtub looking great. As stated previously, since the color of the copper will change in time, you will not need to keep the surface shiny. Although some owners prefer to keep their bathtub shiny we believe it is better to allow the bathtub to fade and developed its own natural patina.

When purchasing a copper bathtub it is important to remember it should be made from 100% copper and not a copper alloy. Bathtubs made from copper alloys are less costly however they will not developed the same natural patina a 100% copper bathtub will and will be less attractive.

Japan has a much longer history of bathing compared to the west. There are a number of features to the Japanese style bath tub that differs from a western bathtub. First of all they are much smaller and deeper as well as the water temperature is normally considerably hotter to include they are designed to sit with the water up to your neck rather than recline. The Japanese bath tub unlike the western tub is also not for washing yourself in. Washing is done by showering while the bath tub is reserved for soaking after you have cleaned your body by shower.
Since the water is typically hotter than tubs used in the West, this makes for a surprisingly relaxing therapeutic experience especially for tired aching muscles. Japan has numerous bath houses were the public can go to sooth themselves notably the Hakone hot springs located near Mount Fuji or just outside Gotemba.

As mentioned previously traditional Japanese bathing is done by washing oneself in the shower before soaking in the tub. This is a tradition in Japan however does not preclude you from washing in the bath tub.

Within our store you will find Asian designed influenced bath tubs. They are in no way Japanese style bath tubs which can be found in either an above ground configuration or a more traditional below ground configuration.

Whether you own a new or old home claw foot bath tubs look great in any home and available in a number of different sizes and designs. They are both comfortable and function quit well despite being a design that is more than 100 years old. With Victorian bathtubs becoming more popular the transition from modern to classical looks can only add character and charm in contrast to modern bathtubs. If a claw foot bathtub is what your looking for, we have listed below a number of things to consider and be mindful of when shopping for a clawfoot bathtub.

Antique clawfoot bath tubs are very heavy therefore you should make sure your floor can support the weight. This is especially import on second floor bathrooms and over basements.

Reproduction are appealing in that are considerably lighter than antique claw foot bath tub yet posses all of the style and elegance of an antique bathtub. Old claw foot bath tubs were made from a very heavy cast iron material.

Claw foot bath tubs are of course free standing therefore have exposed plumbing. The exposed plumbing is part of what makes a claw foot bath tub beautiful and you should be mindful to purchase a drained and water supply lines that will complement your bath tub such as what we have available in our store.

What is a Garden Bathtub Exactly? The term garden bath tub can be interpreted a number of different ways. The following article is our interpretation of what a garden bathtub means to us. Simply put, a garden bathtub is a tub surrounded by vegetation giving you the feeling of bathing outside surrounded by vegetation. A garden bath tub can be either a bathtub placed in a room with a window that has a full view of a garden setting while others are placed outside in an actual garden setting which be simply your patio surrounded by plants.

The bathtub can be either the free standing variety the sunken type. To may people the sense experienced by bathing in this setting is a very relaxing and calming sensation. The simplest way to make a garden tub would obviously be to simply place your tub in a window area with a full view of your garden or other natural surroundings.

The most difficult type of garden bath tub while being the most rewarding type would be to place your bath tub in outside in the fresh air and sent of vegetation. The feeling of hot water, visual setting to include the sent of vegetation is an exceptional sensation. This type of garden bath tub would no doubt make a memorable experience for buyers when attempting to sell your home

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