The Marble Shower Floor Is It Practical

Jun 7


Latif Nasir

Latif Nasir

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If you combine the words natural marble add the word cleaning with a shower floor you have a nightmare in upkeep for many people. The beauty people admire in marble is achieved only when it is polished,The Marble Shower Floor Is It Practical Articles and a highly polished shower floor is a recipe for disaster. However, thanks to technology engineered marble can overcome many of the problems associated with using marble in the bathroom especially the marble shower floor. Marble is undoubtedly beautiful but extremely susceptible to water damage and very high maintenance. However, the answer to that comes in the form of engineered marble, which has all the beauty of naturally occurring marble with fewer of the drawbacks.

Cleaning for the Natural Marble floor was exhaustive since even a small amount of standing water could leave minerals, which would quickly etch the surface and ruin the smooth gleam of marble. A natural marble surface should be kept dry at all times (quite the challenge for a shower floor) and wiped dry as quickly as possible. The gleam of highly polished marble is a great part of its appeal but polished marble is also slippery and not ideal for the shower floor in terms of safety.

The fact that natural marble has an incredibly rich look to it and seems to equate to luxury and elegance formerly could not offset the negatives in cleaning and maintenance and many a natural marble shower has ended up as nothing but an unused showpiece. Moreover, a marble project such as a marble shower and marble shower floor were very difficult to accomplish because the color, pattern, and texture of naturally occurring marble are random and matching large sections was very difficult.

Engineered marble on the other hand has done away with many of the negative factors, which are traditionally associated with using marble in bathroom surfaces. For instance, the engineered marble shower floor has a consistent thickness and a special texture, which provides traction for bare feet. The surfaces are far less porous than naturally occurring marble, which makes upkeep much simpler and matching colors and patterns, is no longer a matter of luck.

Though and engineered marble floor is equal in beauty to naturally occurring marble floors it also does require some specialized cleaning every few weeks. Low ph soap and a soft towel can remove buildup and restore the shower walls gleam. The fact that the marble shower is grout free has endeared engineered marble to many homeowners.

The engineered marble shower floor should have a textured surface that will provide traction but also maintain the seamless look and pattern of the surrounds. With naturally occurring marble this was impossible and the natural marble shower floor was an adventure in balance when wet. Though beautiful to look at the natural shower floor had to be covered with a slip mat in order to prevent falls then wiped carefully dry after each use due to the damage water could cause it.

If maintenance and safety not to mention affordability have kept you from considering a marble shower and a marble shower floor, there are solutions now. Engineered marble shower floors are beautiful, surprisingly affordable, and infinitely safer than naturally occurring marble surfaces.

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