Marble Walls, Tub Decks and Surrounds You Can Afford Luxury

Jun 7


Latif Nasir

Latif Nasir

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If you are like most people marble is synonymous with beauty, Marble Walls, Tub Decks and Surrounds You Can Afford Luxury Articles elegance, and the good life. The soft glow of marble can transform the merely ordinary bathroom into a breathtakingly beautiful area. Marble walls, tub decks and surrounds are great ideas but were formerly expensive in terms of upkeep and purchase cost. That is until the advent of engineered marble with its consistent colors textures and all the beauty of naturally occurring marble.

Marble walls tub decks and surrounds have traditionally been the province of only the very well to do. This is especially true when it pertains to upkeep and naturally occurring marble, which though beautiful, is a relatively delicate material. Naturally occurring marble is formed from a mixture of limestone and quartz and when polished it glows. However, limestone is a very porous material and marble is extremely susceptible the minerals that are present in all water, much less the usual cleaning products, which can damage a natural marble surface beyond, repair.

On the other hand, cultured marble helps overcome those formerly insurmountable disadvantages to having marble walls, tub decks, and surrounds. The cost of engineered marble is significantly less than natural marble and matching patterns and colors for large projects is a snap.

The specialized cleaning required by naturally marble walls tub decks and surrounds is nowhere near as difficult with engineered marble. While natural marble has to be wiped almost instantly clean of water, and soap is also not good for it, engineered marble surfaces are much more forgiving.

Engineered marble also comes in consistent textures and patterns which eliminates one of the largest problems associated with any large marble project, that of matching the color and pattern. Before the development of engineered marble, many homeowners resorted to tiled marble walls, tub decks and surrounds that gave a collage effect but were easier to match up.

Marble tub decks can give a bath an elegant and formal appeal and marble walls and surrounds, transform a merely nice bathroom into an opulent and luxurious statement of style. Since engineered marble walls, tub decks and surrounds are more affordable, consistent in texture, thickness, and color they are now in reach of the discriminating homeowner.

Engineered marble is also far less porous than naturally occurring marble and will maintain its beauty for a much longer period of use. Cleaning and maintenance is simplified with engineered marble and now a drop of water is no longer cause for a state of emergency. Engineered marble has brought marble walls, tub decks, and surrounds from the realm of beautiful and unusable showpieces into practical bathroom materials.

Investigate the variety of colors, thicknesses patterns and styles offered in engineered marble, see for yourself just how beautiful a gleaming marble shower wall is or how much a marble tub deck enhances the look and feel of the bath, and you too may well decide you cannot live without this amazingly affordable touch of elegance.