Unusual Types Of Clocks That You Have Never Heard Of

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There are so many different types of clocks around the world that it's hard to have heard of them all unless you are in that specific business. Clocks do so much for us, tell time in different parts of the world, help us keep our days straight, provide entertainment, and even provide us a sense of our childhoods.

 So,Guest Posting when it comes to unusual types of clocks, there are several that you may have never heard of. Here are six different types of unusual clocks from around the world:

Unusual Clock #1: Congreve Clocks - This type of clock uses a rolling ball that zig-zags along a track inside instead of a pendulum or other method to keep time. While there were other rolling ball clocks that had already been invented, this one differed in that the track was zig zagged instead of being straight. But, the Congreve clocks aren't really reliable, mainly they are fun to look at and watch work.

Unusual Clock #2: Incense Clocks - This beautiful way of keeping time was developed in China during the Song Dynasty (between 960 through 1279). These ornately designed clocks were designed to hold a special type of incense that was made with a specific rate of combustion that was then used to measure days, hours, or even minutes. While there were other clocks during this period in China's history, the incense clocks were more common in households and at temples.

Unusual Clock #3: Steam Clocks - These unique clocks are actually powered by a steam engine and most recently were designed by Raymond Saunders in Canada. While they are larger clocks and made for public displays all over the world, they are starting to become a disappearing one that will be missed. You can still see some of these unusual clocks at work in Otaru, Japan, Indianapolis, USA, London, and many Canadian cities.

Unusual Clock #4: Water Clocks - These unique clocks are probably one of the most ancient ways of telling, and keeping track of, time. They use a simple system of measuring a regulated flow of water into or out of a bowl. These water clocks were known to be around in Babylon, China, Egypt, and other areas as early as 4000 BC.

Unusual Clock #5: Master Clocks - These massive clocks are extremely precise, as they have to regulate several other slave clocks as part of a network. The master clocks hold the main time, and the other clocks in the network are all synchronized to it. The master clocks use a quartz crystal oscillator and is regulated to part of a world-wide time system.

Unusual Clock #6: Tide Clocks - These unusual clocks will be familiar to those that live near the oceans or are in a position that will rely on the tides. The tide clocks measure the Moon's track of motion around the Earth and keep an average rate between the different tides.

While there are several other types of clocks out there, probably some others that you might not have heard of, these are some of the most fascinating. From ancient to modern, each one of these different types of clocks has it's own personality and function, and offers something wonderful to everyone around it.

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