Ventilation Systems - Meaning, Sources, Types And Benefits

Oct 23


jennifer obodo

jennifer obodo

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Ventilation Systems - Meaning, Sources, Types And Benefits. Read this article to know more.


Proper aeration is very necessary for the healthy and working environment. Good ventilation is must feel fresh all the time. Ventilation means circulation of the air and also the exchange of air. A ventilation system circulates the fresh air. Ventilation systems are used in many places like offices, homes and other work places. The main purpose of using Ventilation system is to maintain the temperature and humidity of the place. Ventilation is necessary for good health also. Good airing also provides comfort to people to work properly. There are two types of ventilation system,Ventilation Systems - Meaning, Sources, Types And Benefits Articles one is natural ventilation and the second one is Mechanical airing. Let us know about both of them one by one.

Firstly we will talk about a natural ventilation systems. As this name natural ventilation implies this aeration is not man – made but this is a natural system of ventilation. The example of natural ventilation is windows and doors which allows full ventilation of fresh air which maintains the temperature and the humidity of the room. Out let on the roof is also an example of natural freshening. This allows proper circulation or cross airing of the air and also helps in maintaining the temperature and humidity in the room.

After natural ventilation we will talk about mechanical ventilation. This type of ventilation is not natural but this is manmade ventilation. This is the ventilation made with the help of machines. Mechanical ventilation requires energy source like electricity to produce heat or for cooling. Mechanical ventilation systems are commonly used in offices, homes, malls, and other buildings also. AC’s, coolers and fans are the commonly used sources of mechanical ventilation system.

Pollution is increasing day by day. Everyone wants to live and work in fresh and pure environment both for the comfort and for the health. For this purpose proper ventilation is very necessary. Science is always doing miracles; the mechanical ventilation system is also one of those miracles. The ventilation system is a source to get good ventilation and healthy environment.

Good aeration is necessary everywhere like in office , house , kitchen and in vehicles also due to safety and health regulations .Ventilation system also helps in maintaining the morale of employees working in that office , which in turns made an effect on how the business is going on . The ventilation units should be kept clean always. If they are not clean then there may be the risk of blocked air inlets and other risk also. Building with poor ventilation lead to poorer air circulation, which also leads to a large number of issues like odor, mold, dust, bacterial build-up, and many more.

Aeration keeps the air cool and also keeps it fresh. Proper ventilation is not just for comfort and health it also seems good to look . Airing is a major issue which is to be kept in mind while planning for any house, office, mall or any other building. You must visit a number of websites if you are looking for more details on these systems and their benefits.