What Is the Difference Between Lock Replacement and Rekeying?

Sep 18


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Locks and keys are essential for home security. Every household struggles with lost keys. You can rekey or replace the lock. Let's compare lock rekeying and replacement.


When it comes to the security of our home,What Is the Difference Between Lock Replacement and Rekeying? Articles nothing is more important than having working locks and keys. Lost keys are the most common problem in every family. When this happens, you can either rekey the lock or get a new one. Many people tend to change the lock and key system just because they are unfamiliar with the lock rekeying option. Therefore, let's take a closer look at lock rekeying and learn the difference between lock rekeying and lock replacement.

What is Lock Rekeying?

Lock Rekeying is the process of switching out the working key of a lock for a new key without replacing the lock itself. In other words, you will use the same lock but require a different key to open it.

A lock is made up of several parts known as tumblers or key pins that each work with a specific key. If you change any of these components, pairing the lock with its particular key makes the current key worthless. Rekeying is the process of replacing the lock's key pins in order to create a new key that can be paired with it. It may sound like a complicated process, but in reality, it's an easy and quick method.

When Do We Need To Rekey a Lock?

Locksmiths usually recommend you to rekey a lock when you lose your key, which happens all the time, and you don't want someone to get into your house or apartment. Also, rekeying your locks is a good idea if you've just moved into a new home or office. In some situations, you may want to use the same master key for more than one lock. If this is the case, you will need to rekey your door locks. In any of these situations, it is important that your lock isn't broken or damaged. Otherwise, it is recommended to replace a lock.

Can I Rekey a Lock by Myself?

In short, yes, you can rekey a lock by yourself. To begin the lock rekeying process, you will need to purchase a rekey kit for your brand of lock. The average cost of a rekey kit for a single lock ranges between $50 and $200. Below we have provided step-by-step instructions on how to rekey a lock on your own:

  1. First, remove the lock from the specific location.
  2. Now, remove the cylinder from inside the lock. The kit will include a tool for removing the C-clip that keeps the cylinder in place.
  3. Remove the key plug. 
  4. You will then be able to remove the pins. 
  5. Remove the old key and insert the new one. 
  6. Insert new pins to adjust the arrangement of the plug in the cylinder. 
  7. Finally, replace the C-clip and reinstall the cylinder in the lock. 
  8. Check the lock after altering the layout.

Make sure that the brand of the lock matches the brand of the rekeying kit. By hiring a professional locksmith service, you can save both time and money. A professional locksmith can rekey your lock quickly and for about the same price as the tools and rekeying kit you can buy.

What Is the Lock Replacement?

Replacing a lock is nothing but changing your existing lock to a new one by buying another new pair of locks and keys. Lock replacement is the most convenient method that guarantees security. By replacing the lock, you'll have the opportunity to tailor it to your needs by choosing specific features, including the materials, size, and more. 

How Much Does Rekeying a Lock Cost Versus Replacing It?

After discussing both concepts, it is now clear how lock replacement and lock rekeying differ from one another. Now we must determine the price of each service. The cost of replacing a lock can vary, depending on how much the lock itself costs and how much the locksmith charges. The cost of replacing a lock in New York City ranges between $300 and $500. Keep in mind, though, that this comes with a new lock. Replacing the lock allows you to upgrade it, however, rekeying keeps the lock the same.

If you don't want to replace your lock, a locksmith can rekey it for you. It only costs between $80 and $160 to get a technician to do it. You can save even more money by rekeying a lock yourself. For those who want to perform the task themselves, rekeying kits start at just $50. Even if you are handy with tools, you will need at least two to three hours to complete the task, whereas a professional locksmith will be done in thirty to forty minutes. 

Which Is Preferable for Home Improvement: Lock Rekeying or Lock Replacement?

The answer to this question does not take the side of any option in particular. It's important to remember that both rekeying and replacing locks have their uses. Depending on the type of circumstances and your budget, one of the two is preferable in some ways.

It is best only to change locks if you want to upgrade to a more secure smart lock, if it is broken or if it is a very old one. It is because it is quite an expensive procedure compared to rekeying. Old, worn-out locks should be replaced because they aren't as strong as new ones, and rust can form on the outside, making it hard to unlock the door. 

Rekeying locks is a good idea if you have a lot of different keys on your key ring. If you want to limit the number of keys you have to carry around and remember the uses of, you can rekey some locks to make one key open multiple doors.