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Laughter is a gift to Human beings by God.

We usually hear that “Laughter is the Best Medicine “. Have we ever tried to find out why ? There are various reasons to it. People laugh when they are happy.

There are few biological reasons attached as to why laughter is good for our health. When we laugh we empty our lungs of bad or stale air and exhale more of carbon dioxide and breathe more of oxygen. More oxygen leads to more formation of oxyhaemoglobin ( Formed by association of oxygen with haemoglobin ). This transports more oxygen to organs and hence better health.

When we laugh various good chemicals are generated in our body. These chemicals have a good effect on our brain and our body. Scientists are still researching on the medical benefits of laughter. Many books are available in the market containing jokes etc to keep a person smiling. When you smile your face glows and you look beautiful.

Laughter enhances the healing process of various diseases. When ever a patient sees a doctor he prescribes medicines and asks him to remain happy and not to worry about anything. He also assures that things will be fine and normal soon.

Our ancestors knew the benefits of laughter that is the reason for their longer life. You can feel the difference between situations when you are stressed and when you are happy. When you are happy every work seems easy and when you are angry or irritated you cannot work.

Thus we see how laughter effects our life. Thus the saying goes “ Laughter is the best Medicine “.

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