List of stupid people ~ Akbar and Birbal stories

May 1




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In this story of List of stupid people ~ Akbar and Birbal stories you will know that How Birbal found the list of people who were stupid in the kingdom.


One day Emperor Akbar was sitting with his people in the court,List of stupid people ~ Akbar and Birbal stories Articles then suddenly the emperor said -

Akbar - There are so many intelligent people in our court. I am a Emperor That's why intelligent people live around us. I am bored of living among intelligent people. So now I want to meet some stupid people.

Birbal, however many challenges we have given you till date, you have met all the challenges. Can you find six stupid people for us? How heartfelt it would be to meet those foolish people.

Birbal - Why are there no shelter? I will definitely find it.

Akbar - We give you a month's time to find six fools.

Birbal - where I don't think I would need so much time.

Akbar - Ok Birbal, if you want to find it before you.

What was it then, Birbal takes his horse and goes out in search of foolish people and kept thinking all the way where I will find those foolish people. Suddenly a man was sitting on a donkey and tied a buffalo on his head. Birbal stops his horse upon seeing him and asks him for his identity.

Birbal - Who are you and why has this gash been placed on your head, why have you not placed it above the donkey.

Ramu - My name is Ramu and I put this punch on my head because my ass was very tired and I thought I should take some weight on myself.

Birbal thought I found my first fool -

Birbal - OK, good! We will reward you for thinking so much about animals, let's go with us.

Ramu - Ok, I will get reward.

Then Birbal walks a little further away, while walking, he is seen fighting two men. He then stops his horse and asks-

Birbal - Stop, stop, why are you fighting,

What has happened and who are you?

First man - My name is Changu.

The other man - and my name is Mangu.

Mangu - This Changu is asking to leave his lion on my cow.

Changu - Yes, I will leave, I will enjoy it, I will leave.

Birbal - What, (lion-cow)! Where is Changu, where is your lion and Mangu is your cow?

Changu - If God gives us a boon, I will ask for a cow and he is talking about asking for a lion, and is saying that he will leave his lion on my cow.

Birbal - Ok, this is the case, both of you, come with me, I will reward you with the emperor for thinking so well about God.

Changu-mangu - Inam, we will surely go.

Birbal takes all three of them to his house, taking them home and then Birbal thinks, Now where do I find the fools of Walkie. Then Birbal walks out of his house at the same time and asks those three fools to stay at home.

When he (Birbal) walks out of the house, he is seen a man looking for something in the beds. Birbal goes to them and says -

Birbal - are you looking for something, can I help you?

Man - my ring has fallen, I've been looking for a long time, but can't find it.

Birbal - Where did your ring fall?

Man - My ring had fallen under that tree, it has become dark there, so I thought I should find it here.

Birbal - O, good, good! Then you go with us to the Emperor tomorrow, we will get you another ring. You leave that ring.

Man - OK, then it's okay.

Then the next day Birbal takes all four of them to Emperor Akbar.

Birbal - Emperor, these are your fools.

Akbar - You could do this work in one day, are there many foolish people in our Sultanate. And how are you sure these four are fools.

Birbal narrates the events that took place on the way to Akbar. Akbar is very smug about Birbal.

Akbar - But these are just four fools, where are the other two.

Birbal - where two fools hideout are present here.

Akbar - Here and where, tell us who they are.

Birbal - I am one of them, who is the biggest fool.

Akbar - Are you, how are you?

Birbal - I am because I brought these fools.

Akbar - (laughs) Ha-ha! I understand who the other fool is, yet I want you to tell me who that fool is.

Birbal - You are the biggest fool, you asked me to bring these fools.

Akbar - Brilliant! Very good Birbal! As I have been saying every time. Not your answer Birbal cannot match you, you have a solution for every deal.

Birbal - Thank you where shelter!



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