Tuition: boon or curse

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For today's parents, getting children tuition has become a fashion. It is also a compulsion for some parents because they cannot get their children homework done.

Additionally, he has no mastery in subjects like mathematics and English. Therefore, they have to arrange professional tutor to teach these two (and many other) subjects to their children.

All children study tuition. It has become a trend in the metros. Even in semi-urban areas, a large number of tuition centers are being opened. We have found that a child feels helpless and insecure without a tutor.

Tuition: boon or curse


Through tuition,Guest Posting he also completes his homework and prepares for the upcoming (in-class) tests. The hard work done by the tutor is useful in the annual examinations. The child also depends more on the tutor. He goes to the school only for Namamatra.

Our aim is not to stop the practice of tutoring or to torture the tutors on a moral level. If they earn some wealth by giving knowledge to children then there is no harm in it. But if a teacher becomes a tutor and ignores his / her school duties while paying attention to personal tuitions, then he / she is committing wrongdoing on moral grounds.

Nowadays tutor earn 25000-50000 rupees per month only through tuition. If they can do this, then they should not do teaching work in schools / colleges. They should be fully engaged in the work of tuition so that other teachers can be appointed in schools / colleges. It would not be logical to set foot in two boats.

Many teachers give tuition on the condition that children will study from them in the next academic session too. This condition is also beyond logic and against morality. Apart from this, it is also the duty of such teachers to teach some children, who cannot afford heavy tuition fees, at reasonable fees. Due to the lack of money everywhere, it does not work. It is also the duty of the teacher to take care of some poor / backward sections of the society.

Private coaching is also given to get admission in specific courses. IT, IIM And it is not easy to get admission in other institutions. Hence, professionally trained teachers give coaching to the students. Most of these teachers are graduates of these institutions. These coaching institutes have spread all over India. Their one month fees range from Rs 1000 to Rs 5000. Nowadays students of class X are also competing to get admission in these institutions.

We did not like making education a business. But this trend cannot be stopped. Privatization, globalization and free trade system are dominated everywhere. Of course, privatization of education was also inevitable. We have to imbibe the changing values.

Now comes the expensive tutorials and efficient / capable tutorials. It is not necessary that there is also a costly tutor, competent and good teacher. In this era of propaganda and dissemination, any individual or institution is brought to the seventh sky by the media. But his abilities may be negligible. Therefore, students should choose their teachers / teachers carefully.

It is not necessary that the teacher teaching in school or college should teach at home or in the institute. Some children have the greed that their tutor will be able to tell them about the question papers in the yearly exam (because he probably created the question paper). This trend is wrong. Students should avoid such speculation and (teachers') elections. They should choose such teachers as tutor with whom they can harmonize ideas and communication.

After that, they and their tutor will have to work hard. One cannot get fruits without hard work. Whether it is in the context of school or college, whether it is from the tuition center. Apart from this, studies done in school or college are also an appropriate basis for studying in tuition centers. He should not be ignored.

In short, there is a strong possibility of almost all the students going to the tuition centers. It is expensive to call a tutor at home. There is a trend of group tutoring but the chances of students getting full knowledge from the tutor are reduced. Group coaching is affordable. Students may also have to spend more for specific subjects and courses. It is our opinion that students should read tuition from the same teachers who have complete knowledge of the correct trends of the courses and examinations.

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