Mendacino Madness Millionaire

May 10


VJ Gibson

VJ Gibson

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We all want to be a ... and Cyril May has created a song that is called ... Madness ... ". The song tells the story of a ... man who ... a farm and planted marijuan


We all want to be a millionaire and Cyril May has created a song that is called "Mendicino Madness Millionaire ". The song tells the story of a California man who inherited a farm and planted marijuana:
"I could hardly wait ‘til I opened the gate

turned the cows loose on their own

And I planted marijuana

in that rich red virgin loam"

In the days when there seems to be a huge controversy over the legalization of "pot",Mendacino Madness Millionaire Articles we can take a humorous look at the fact that millions of Americans are "still smokin", and why its so tempting to grow marijuana. The song goes on to tell how the guy tries it out to make sure its good and then proceeds to rake in the cash. He tells of his fancy car "with gold marijuana leaves on the doors" and luxury homes. Wallowing in the windfall of tax-free money, he discovers:

"Growin’ grass for people sure beats growing grass for cows."

It’s a sassy, tongue-in-cheek commentary on today, rife with good humor and sarcasm, yet so benign parents buy the CD for their kids.

Cyril May is an Australian living in Long Beach, California with his American wife Dottie, while Jack McDonald is Mexican born living in Australia with his Australian wife Cheryl. The juxtaposition of the duo makes an interesting contribution to the music. Both are talented musicians, and each lends his special flavor to the music. On Mendicino Madness Millionaire, "Fabulous" Jack McDonald plays lead and rhythm guitar; Cyril performs on keyboard and handles the vocals.

For more information on this fresh yet traditional music, contact Cyril May by phone: 562/433-0734, email: or snail-mail: 266 Orizaba, Long Beach, CA 90803. Check out samples of the pair’s other tunes on the website: