Twitter Celebrity Applications - The Best Way To Watch Your Favorite Celeb Tweets & Pics

Nov 29


Ashish K Arora

Ashish K Arora

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Celebrity fans following their favorite celebs on Twitter are found ardently hopping around from profile to profile just to have a better look at their latest updates.

Reading celeb tweets and admiring the celeb pics are the most favorite of the tasks of these fans. It’s quite true that fans would do anything possible just to know the latest happenings in the lives of their favorite stars but wouldn’t it be great for them if they get to know everything in an easy way?  This is why most people love Twitter applications which help them stay connected with their favorite Twitterati.  Such applications keep you up to date with the celeb tweets and pics in really easy way to access. It becomes really difficult to search the celeb pics and tweets from among the hundreds of updates flashing on your home page. In such a situation,Twitter Celebrity Applications - The Best Way To Watch Your Favorite Celeb Tweets & Pics Articles you have only one thing to do that is to hop around the profiles of your favorite stars to check out what they are saying. And if you are following a really large number of celebrities it won’t be a good idea to move around profile to profile. And moreover, it won’t have any surety that you’ll not have missed out anything. So you knew that Bipasha Basu participated in a marathon and the news sites said she’d be posting her pics on her Twitter profile, thus you straight forwardly went over to her profile and checked out her pics. But what if Sunidhi Chauhan suddenly thinks about posting the photographs of her latest stage performance? Surely you’ll miss that.Some people list their favorite stars under different sections like sports, movies, singers, etc. but it is hardly convenient to check out all the lists and if you are one of those die-hard celebrity lovers who just can’t help loving plenty many stars from plenty many fields like movies, sports and music, and that too both national and international at the same time, you’ll definitely have such long lists that even checking out the lists will appear like climbing Mount Everest!Twitter celebrity portals present your favorite stars in an organized way making it easy to find the right person, at the right time, for the right purpose with no mayhem at all! The best thing is that you don’t have to search the news sites or check the news channels for the latest news about them to check out their latest status updates, as the latest happenings are specifically highlighted here. You get to know who has just posted the pictures or mentioned some links in their tweets. And if a person is really tweeting a lot it also keeps appearing on the application sites whereas the celebrities who have been silent for long will be shown silent. Suppose that you are unaware of the fact that Amitabh Bachchan is too busy to tweet these days, you’ll unnecessarily move to his profile page reading around the older and already read tweets, wasting your time. So, it’s better checking out the Twitter celebrity applications to check out their latest tweets and pics.

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