Animal Dress Up Games

Jan 29


Erin Petersson

Erin Petersson

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Not all dress up games are focused on girl dress up. There are also dress up games wherein animals are the one that is being dressed up according to what we want it to be. Also, it is like a practice on how we will be able to take good care of our pet and at the same time, enhances our creativity.


When you think of animals,Animal Dress Up Games Articles you do not normally consider them to be prime candidates for dress up games, but you might be surprised at how many dress up games there are online that feature animals. The animal games can be very different from each other, and often you are limited only by your creativity. When it comes to playing animal dress up games, you can expect the games to be based on cute animals that are in need of a bit of fashion intervention. With the love and affection we lavish on our own pets, it is no wonder that the pets of the virtual world are getting the same amount of care and devotion.

Animal Dress Up Games

The basic animal dress up game takes an animal, perhaps a dog, as they are most common, and gives you options for how to dress up the animal. You can put a little sweater on the doggie or perhaps an adorable hat. There are accessories and clothing for pets of all sizes in these games. When you are finished, you can print the picture of your new animal out or you can save it to your computer. Some people prefer to share the images with others in online forums that are designed specifically for that purpose.

Animal Adventure Games

There is a strong dress up component of other animal games as well. A huge following has developed around animals that you raise online. In these virtual animal worlds, you first find your animal and build him shelter and find him food and water. As you play games and get more points or stay at certain levels long enough, you earn additional resources for your pet.

One of the most popular things to do with the virtual pets is to dress them. To dress the virtual pet, you “spend” some of the virtual money you have earned in the world on robes, accessories and outfits. Find the right color and style for your pet and you will be dressed and ready for some serious online action. These animals interact with each other and become, in a sense, your avatar as you navigate the game on your own accord. Once you reach a new level, you will be able to add even more clothing items to your animal and buy furniture and other accessories for the game as well.

The Benefits of Animal Dress Up Games

What seems like a harmless little game is much more than playtime. It can be a tremendous learning experience for some of these girls. When they are creating outfits and creating a full elemental background story to go with their creations, they are exercising creativity that is not seen much in the world today. Schools do not have time for creativity and television and movies all but drains it away from young children as they are told what to think, what to do and even what to say in response to the characters. The dress up games, not just animal ones, but others as well, gives kids a chance to take back conversations and actions for characters. The more you play with dress up games, the stronger your creativity will become, a skill that can never grow old.

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