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I have been working from home online full time now for just over three years and I have had training from many of the Nets highly successful marketers. They all teach that to be successful you must watch, listen, and then duplicate exactly what they have done for years to be successful and you will be successful. Then in the very next lesson they all tell you to get creative and think outside the box. So which is it then? Those two methods sound like total opposites to me. Some will tell you that you must have your own website while others tell you that you need no website at all. Again, so which is it?

For the past ten years or more the top marketers have been busy building their “list” of subscribers to their newsletters. As competition grew they were forced to discount prices and even start giving away one or two products for free just to get people to sign up to their “list” and now one just about has to give away the farm to capture names and addresses. Even the top marketers that have years worth of Integrity and honesty built through their hard work and constant communications and exposure to the world as being very successful and worth following do this. So how does a new marketer compete with these highly successful work from home online marketers? I think this is where thinking outside the box comes in.

New work from home online marketers have to think outside the box to compete and this trend started a few years ago with the explosion of the blogging craze. When blogging first started to hit the Net most serious marketers just paid them no attention,Guest Posting after all most blogs at first were just a way for the average person to communicate with family and friends and if strangers from around the world wanted to comment they could. They also provided a platform to express your views on what was going on in the world around you. In a very short time those famous marketers started to take notice of all the traffic and search engine attention that blogs were generating. The light went on, after all what is the main target of any work from home online marketer, is it not traffic and search engine attention. Face it without those two targets your work from home online business is dead in the water and you go broke.

Since the birth of blogging another revolution if you will has spawned itself. Enter the social networking age. Forums for marketers and online communities for business owners have been around for years, however this new age communities of blogging, social networking, social book-marking, photo share networks, friends networks and the like have created a new platform for the marketer to build his or her honesty, trust, and integrity by forgetting about business while they are taking part in the communication within these communities and just sharing who they are, where they come from, their beliefs, and their knowledge on what ever topic comes up. By becoming another persons friend they build this integrity and honesty faster and deeper than by trying to sell their products or business and all they need to do is have a link in plain site for their business website and in time those that feel the trust in this marketer they will click through to their site without being asked just out of pure curiosity.

Therefore to sum things up, while building your “list” of subscribers is still a vital part of your success in a work from home online business the method of building your Integrity and Honesty and even Trust has entered into a new dimension of just how we achieve that goal. Sure you will still need to give some things away for free from time to time but what is now more important than ever before is to come out from behind closed doors and get into these social arenas and communicate with this new larger group of people that once you become friends with them you will not even need to ask them to join your programs or buy your products they will do it simply because you are their friend and you are successful and they know you will share with them openly and honestly your knowledge to help them become successful as well. In the end it becomes a win, win situation for all parties involved.

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