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Back in my early ... days, finding the magic ticket toonline success was my prime focus. Day after day I became ... the journey to find the internet “El ... did find what I was looki

Back in my early marketing days,Guest Posting finding the magic ticket to
online success was my prime focus. Day after day I became engaged
in the journey to find the internet “El Dorado”.

I did find what I was looking for, nothing more than a fistful of
air. The online marketing formula for success was always right in
front of me or rather right inside. And yet still so many marketers are
out there searching for that elusive ticket to success.

Notice any successful marketer and you will find that their
success is built strongly on their credibility. Yanik Silver,
Marlon Sanders, Ken Evoy and many others all have credibility
which precedes them.

This is why they are all so successful. They focus on creating
lasting materials which will work for them in the long term. Many
marketers including myself have made that mistake by not doing so,
which can prove to be fatal to your business.

In the vast world of the internet, credibility is hard to comeby
indeed. The internet removes the need for face to face meetings
and dialogue, but that does not remove the need for trust and

How can you create credibility for your online business? You can
do so by establishing materials which will be of benefit to your
readers and customers. Posting free ads to classifieds and to
FFA’s is not what I am talking about. These bring little or no
results in the long run.

Article writing, ezine publishing and posting to forums are
examples of credibility building materials. When used in the
proper way they seem to take on a life of there own and can bring
wonderful results. And the best thing is that they have the
ability to stick around for a long time after you create and
publish them.

All the examples stated are practiced by successful marketers.
Some may use all the techniques or they might use one or two. My
experience with creating credibility building materials has been

A few detractors may point out that using these strategies
on a freely hosted website is lacking of credibility, but believe
me they work. These techniques have been around for a while and
many marketers can attest to the fact that they do produce results.

Give your business a boost by focusing on creating credibility
and getting your name in the public eye. Why don’t you give it a
try ?

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