Girl-A-Thong IV: Revenge Of LiveCamNetwork

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Live video chat site continues to push the limits of its live video streaming technology with naught, interactive adult-oriented events such as this latest edition of the Girl-a-thong.

(Cyberspace) October 17,Guest Posting 2006 - In the wake of winning this year's BAA Best Webcam Site award, has announced another live chat-hostess party and interactive event to be webcast free to both new and old members alike.

This will be the fourth outing for the site's Girl-A-Thong, "Making it a quasi-tradition," said site owner and founder Mark Prince.

"It's a triumph of our technology," said Prince, who also owns and operates site platform creator "Not only because we have the two-screen video covering twenty cam girls in action, but also the fact that the chat room can hold so many visitors and not mess up the video, which is smooth and in synch throughout."

Despite being a party, an admitted "silly time", and adult-oriented live event, the Girl-A-thong is also a technical challenge and an online lab for the techs at LiveCamNetwork to test their chops and roll their platform out to as wide an audience at once as possible.

"We like to push the limits," said Prince. "Thanks to the servers we've installed to bolster the live high definition video streams, the double-screens for the GaT run even better - and they can hold more surfer traffic at the same time."

Affiliate manager Stephanie "Mediachick" Soucy invites affiliates to promote the event, assuring, "The conversions are great during the Girl-a-thongs."

"The other GaTs were great great fun and wild," said Soucy. "But this one promises to be insanely better - I mean, these girls can party. And the whole bunch of them get along great. They all know each other, are comfortable together, and even the newbie chicks aren't shy. Actually they're made comfortable by the rest of the gang, who are just so cool."

The Girl-a-thong was initially held as a single-night event and a sign of gratitude towards members who had stuck with the site after it had gone through a debilitating series of cyber attacks that left it unable to provide its usual services.

The event was so popular, and drew so much attention from outside the site's regular customers, that it was repeated a few months later with new features, such as a round-buying button, multiple cameras covering the action, and the double-video display.

Numbers online in the same dual-display chat room have ramped up with each subsequent Girl-a-thong..

"Last Girl-a-thong, we had over a thousand people in the chat room at once," Soucy said. "And users are offered only fifteen minutes of free chat before being pushed to a buy-time page, and unlimited access."

"Affiliates usually report sales spiking during Girl-a-thong," said Prince. "And referrals return at a much higher rate than usual, because the Girl-a-thong leaves such a good, fun impression of these fantastic chat chicks."

The Girl-A-Thong will be held Friday, October 20th, at 9:00 PM Eastern Standard Time, at .

The LiveCamNetwork affiliate program can be joined at

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