How Blogging Helps in SEO

Mar 1


Johnney  Smith

Johnney Smith

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Tips on how to improve SEO rankings by blogging

By now,How Blogging Helps in SEO  Articles you’ve undoubtedly heard the ages-old adage, “Content is King”. While a lot of people talk about it, there are comparatively few who understand what it really means and the power that it wields in today’s competitive online marketplace. One of the best ways to create and maintain this ‘royal content’ is through blogging. Here were going to discuss how blogging, and the content it produces, can help with your website’s SEO and search engine visibility.

Blogging and SEO - getting your website noticed

Arguably, one of the most impressive, if not important, features of running a blog is the built-in ‘ping’ feature. If you’re not familiar with the blog-and-ping concept, pinging is a built-in notification system that allows your blog to tell other websites that it has new content in real time. These third-party websites are very popular with search engines, and pinging frequently leads to fresh visits to your blog from search engine robots.

This act -- pinging -- allows you to notify search engines that you have new content for them to check out. If you have a brand-new blog, pinging can lead to the discovery of your website by search engines, and if you have an established blog, it will tell search engines to come back and check out your new content. As for the SEO benefit -- search engines need to visit your website in order for you to get your website, or blog, listed in search engines. So, this is an important first-step of the process.

Blogging and SEO - easy-to-add keyword-targeted content

Aside from the search engine discovery benefits that blogging offers, there’s another major blogging benefit that helps to improve your website’s SEO -- the content itself. Blog posts consist of words, generally, and search engines use a page’s words, along with other factors, to help determine the ranking of that web page in their index. Moreover, because blogging is simple -- even a kid can do it, literally -- it is the perfect publishing medium for website owners of any skill level.

Not too long ago, when a website owner wanted to add new content to their website, they had to create a new web page, which, for many inexperienced website owners, was prohibitive in many ways. However, today, it’s easy to add new content to one’s website or blog -- login, write some content, and push the ‘publish’ button -- no HTML or template-modification knowledge required.

Even if you’re not a seasoned copywriter, or a great writer for that matter, all you need to do is write naturally to obtain SEO benefits for your website or blog. Writing naturally is simply using words in your copy that you might use in a conversation on the topic. For example, if you were writing an article about blogging tips, you might include words like blog, blogging, SEO, website, promotion, search engines, content, and so forth. These naturally occurring keywords used when writing your articles and blog posts can go a long way to enhancing your SEO efforts.

Blogging is an easy, fun, and effective way to enhance your website’s search engine optimization efforts and overall visibility online. It doesn’t take a lot of skill, and it doesn’t have to take a lot of time, but for the return on your investment, blogging is certainly one of the most effective SEO strategies available to website owners today.