Five Qualities Every Blogger Should Have

Mar 1


Johnney  Smith

Johnney Smith

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What Qualities should a blogger have to be ahead of the pack


Becoming a successful blogger takes time and effort,Five Qualities Every Blogger Should Have  Articles but those who are persistent and dedicated to their blog can reap enormous rewards, including Internet fame, a loyal readership, guest spots on other blogs, podcasts or radio shows, and a nice income. Whether you are in it for fun or are hoping to make blogging your primary source of income, there are certain qualities a blogger should have that will help you make a name for yourself in the blogosphere.

Here are five qualities every blogger should have:

1. The ability to schmooze – Networking and cultivating relationships is a key component in successful blogging, particularly when you are first starting out. Following other blogs, posting comments, joining forum discussions and taking advantage of social networking sites will help you get your name out there and will drive traffic to your blog.

2. An authoritative voice – Whether you really are an expert or you just play one online, you should come across as an expert in your niche, even if that niche is simply being snarky.

3. Consistency – There is no better way to lose your readership than to post sporadically or infrequently. Posting to your blog on a regular basis is imperative to expanding your audience and keeping their attention. A blog is like a business; it needs a plan if it is going to succeed. Plan your posts and create a posting schedule to keep yourself on track.

4. The ability to write – While you may not be in the running for a Pulitzer and perhaps have never heard of Strunk and White, it is important that you have at least some basic writing skills, including correct spelling, at least mostly proper grammar, some clue about punctuation and the ability to convey your thoughts in an easily understandable manner. If you are concerned that your writing may be subpar, take a class, read more or practice, practice, practice. High quality content is what keeps them coming back for more, so it is well worth the effort to hone your writing skills.

5. An entrepreneurial spirit – Even if you are blogging for fun, rather than for profit, an entrepreneurial spirit will serve you well. Always looking for ways to expand your audience, improve your offerings, build on your success and take your blog to the next level is crucial to the overall success of your blog.

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