How to Change WiFi Password Arris Modem?

Jan 23


Annabell Matt

Annabell Matt

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The modem manufacturing company Arris has come up from LANcity. The company is deeply involved in manufacturing of several range of modem with higher specification.


Unable to change Arris WiFi password,How to Change WiFi Password Arris Modem? Articles just get rid of it:

The company is now able to distribute its product across the word. Although the number of countries are on the figure count but it is a kind of great achievement. Arris provides cable connection with higher quality fiber optics. As we all know that modem is one of the bi-lateral data communication systems with radio frequency. In the present era it has become very essential to have wifi connection because all the contents are available on the internet. Gmail is very essential tool to formally communicate with the other person sitting last end of the globe.

One-by-one methods to change the Arris WiFi password:

  • First of all users are advised to go to the web browser.
  • Then in the address bar type IP number which is 192.168 based series.
  • By clicking on enter Arris modem webpage will come in front of you.
  • Beside the yellow box which says Arris will see a wireless tab, just tap on it.
  • The system will ask username and password.
  • Hit the apply button.
  • Scroll down the security settings up to when you find pre-shared key.
  • In the further step you have to change this to any desired password you choose.
  • Here you are recommended to note down the entered password safely so that it can be take out easily when required.
  • Now you have to shut down your computer so that your modems get rebooted.
  • Unplug all the power sources and then wait for a couple of minutes and then plug it again.

These were the simple steps by adopting whom you can easily change your Arris modem password. The password is kept secure because you make be threaten if anyone misuses your modem or internet connectivity. For the full details of changing password or in case you are stucking somewhere then Arris Customer Service can help you till your satisfaction. Now a Europe, Australia and Asia etc. are the countries where the products are running successfully. More than a couple of devices can be connected to the internet which is an essential specification of Arris modem. There are lots of queries arise from the end of the customer which are certainly resolved on the daily basis through customer service.

Why to choose Arris modem customer service:

There are unmatched technical troubleshooters are working with the company. The state-of-the art infrastructure is wholly equipped by al the electronic gadgets which help in providing hassle free communication. There are severe modes of communications are available. User can talk with the technicians with via live chat, email and calling. Calling is supposed to be one of the most chosen and convenient method to interact with others. Following are the some specific reasons for whom people rely on us:

  • Hundred percent accurate solutions are provided.
  • Arris customer service is open for 24 by 7 round the clock.
  • You can have direct interaction with special team of the company.
  • Users can drop a mail regarding his or her queries and withdraw solutions later.
  • People can save time, money and unnecessary efforts as well.

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