How to make an income as a freelance blogger

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The best way to make money blogging is to take on as much work as you can in the amount of time you have available. Get started by doing a Google search on writing jobs, blogging or bloggers. There are many companies and individuals looking for freelance bloggers.

There are also a number of freelancer websites such as and where there is a lot of blogging work to be found.Make sure you don't do is take on more articles than you can do and be very selective as to who you write for. Many professional bloggers have listings of good and bad employers so be sure to read the comments that everyone has about a particular individual or company.Blogs can be categorized in different ways. A blog post could consist of 300 words on your thoughts and opinions on a particular subject or it could be a 300 word news article.  Several companies are now calling articles blogs. Whatever you are blogging on,Guest Posting you will need to build up a knowledge of the subject. Of course, it is best to aim for subjects that you are already familiar with. If not, you will have to spend some time on researching what the particular article is about. You need to be sure that you write only facts about that particular subject and not false statements. Even more important is to avoid plagiarism. Copying other people's work will ruin your reputation and cause all kinds of trouble for your employer.In most cases when doing research you can just do a Google search on the exact topic and most likely it will display other articles for use as information. You can read a few of the other articles and before you know it, you will have a lot of ideas in your head as to what to write. While there is plenty of blogging work out there, it will take some time and effort to build up a decent income. However, once you establish a name for yourself you should be in a position to ask for a reasonable amount per article or post.It can be a good idea to take on small projects initially so you can feel them out to see if they are legitimate and are going to pay. Once you establish a good relationship with a client or clients, you will be ready to take on bigger projects for them. It does take a while to make money from freelance blogging but you can do it with enough determination and time.  Start your own blog for practice and even see if you can make some extra income from that.

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