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HTTP is the Website of Google Company. it is one of the best and most popular email service provider company in all over the world. Google account recovery is the very most common issues faced by users.

There are more than lakhs of account available over the internet and many users are using two or more than two Google account or other accounts,Guest Posting therefore it is a little tough to remember username and password of all the accounts. In this case, people are not able to log in to their account and they need to recover their account. People can recover Google account through phone number, alternative email, or security questions. Which methods you want to follow depends on you. It is not necessary that all the users know the process of account recovery it is not necessary that all the users know the process if you also do not know then you no need to get worried about it because the best instructions are given below for your convenience so that you just follow it and get to reset Google account.

  1. First you should go to the Google account recovery page with the help of a web browser or any search engine.
  2. Then you enter your email id and click on next.
  3. They will ask to enter your password. If you are unable to remember your password then click on the forgot password option which appears at the bottom of the password field.
  4. They will ask again to enter the last password you remember using with Google account ignore that and click on try a different way or I don’t have my phone until you see the page to get the verification code by recovery email address. This helps to show that this account really belongs to you.
  5. When you see the page to get the verification code with your phone number. Enter your phone number and then click on the send button. One thing you should be kept in your mind that your phone number should be on and network should be available in it, because if you don’t have a network on your phone then you will never receive any message or call to get a verification code.
  6. You have two methods to receive verification code on your phone like send a text or get a call. Choose one of the following methods.
  7. Enter the verification code which you have to receive and click on the Next button.
  8. When all the above instructions are adopted by you carefully then, log out your account and log in again with your new password.
  9. In this way you have to check that your Google account has been recovered or not and you can use it properly.

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In this situation when the users forgot their account password people need to recover their Google account. The reason behind forgetting the password is that most of the time people are not using Google account from last one month so that your Google account has been deactivated automatically and user face problems to prevent sign-in Google account.  If you are also do not want to face any kind of issue then you should use your account or log in to check your Google account day today.

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