How to recover Yahoo account password without alternate email?

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Although password manager have eliminated the need to remember passwords anymore but passwords are still cumbersome, if you login from some other device.

And if you lose access to any of the recovery options then recovering password becomes even more tedious. But no worries! If you have forgotten your Yahoo account password and unable to recover it via alternate email,Guest Posting then this guide will help you recover your password instantly! How? Let’s have a look

View the password in password manager

If you have saved your password in Google’s password manager before then you can easily view your password in the password manager. Just click on three-vertical dots located at the top right corner of the Google chrome and select settings. Now, tap on passwords and then you can see all your saved passwords in the list.

Yahoo Account recovery via phone number

As we all carry our cell phone 24/7 with us, hence password recovery from phone number is the best option. This is the fastest method of recovering your Yahoo password as you just need to enter the 6 digit verification code sent to your mobile number on Yahoo verification page and once the code is verified, Yahoo re-direct you to the password reset page. But you can see the phone recovery option only when your number is linked with the Yahoo account at the time of account set up. And if you haven’t added your phone number yet, then go to your profile icon and add your number to enable the option for future recovery

Use Google account for password recovery

If your phone number isn’t updated on your Yahoo account, then you can log-in using your Google account or iCloud account. But the option will be available only when your Google account is associated with Yahoo. Under this, you just need to tap on the Google icon, enter your Gmail ID and password and you will be re-directed to your Yahoo account.

Answer security questions

This is the last recovery option wherein you just need to answer certain security questions like your favourite teacher, colour, movie, song etc that were set at the time of account set up.

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Once, the answers match with the information that was provided at the time of account creation you will get the password reset option. But the security questions option will be visible only when the questions are set up at the time of account creation.

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