How to Do Reverse Cell Phone Lookup and Be an Expert Detective

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Reverse cell phone lookup can help you saving huge amount from spending on a detective or private investigator. You can now have an access to same telephone and cell phone directory database what detectives have had in the past.

Being a cell phone user,Guest Posting you must have experienced unwanted calls from overly-enthusiastic telemarketers, insurance, personal and car loan agents and even pranksters whose ecstasy is to trouble others with blank calls. However, the irony is that you can not do reverse cell phone numbers. As we are moving into high-tech lifestyles, the old and traditional methods of using telephone directories are becoming obsolete. But thanks to the technology that we are now blessed with new reverse cell phone lookup services that help even common man to trace back any landline or cell phone number and find out who owns it. 


We wish to track back our old cell phone numbers of old buddies, college peers, co-workers, relatives and even service providers like carpenters, auto mechanics and electricians and so on. You may wish to find out details about unknown cell phone numbers on your monthly phone bills but you can not do so because where you will find them?


Rich and affluent people of the society have been severely harassed on phone by pranksters and even kidnappers in the past. They had no option but to hire a professional detective and pay handsomely just to track back the calls they were receiving. In those days, private investigators were the only options people had to trace back people as well as phone numbers. Even the private telephone directories were not able to do reverse phone lookup because telephone directories were printed in alphabetical order on family name and not on telephone numbers. The irony of cell phone number is that they are not listed in the form of cell phone directory unlike traditional telephone directories.


First, the rich people were taken for ride from pranksters and then ripped off by private investigators. It is simply because only private investigators had license to access telephone databases to do reverse phone lookup. The fees for private investigators were almost three times higher than what it should be. Let me explain you why. First off, you would be paying them for your inability to access phone directory. Secondly, you would pay him or her because he or she has the master key to that secretly held telephone database. And thirdly, of course, to get information for the required phone number.


The moral of the story is that you had been paying hundreds of dollars what you could easily get for a fraction of that expensive cost.


However, you do not need to hire expensive service of any private detective or investigator anymore, if it is only the matter of finding who the hack is calling on your cell phone. You can now have access to same telephone and cell phone directory that private investigators have had and it is known as reverse phone lookup service.


What is the reverse phone lookup service? Well, this is the private reverse phone service of doing reverse phone lookup for any landline or cell phone numbers in the United States and provides complete address details with precision location. It does the reverse phone listing for the millions of cell phone numbers listed in their database. This service is provided by the leading private telephone companies who collect millions and millions of telephone and cell phone numbers from all sources of service providers and then provide access to their members to do reverse cell phone lookup for any landline or cell phone numbers.


The online reverse cell phone lookup directories have invested huge amount of money, time, technology, logistics and labor in making one source of online directory for everyone. The beauty of this service is that you do not need to carry a bulky printed telephone directory alongwith you all the time but you can access it from any computer or cell phone that has an internet connection. All you have to do is just to go to the website, login and type any landline or cell phone number in the search box. Within a few seconds, you will get the complete report of that phone number with its present address, service provider, exact location, people search results, household results and much more.


As there is no free lunch in this world, this service also charges a very small fee to their members. There are two types of paid options. One option is to make payment for only one telephone or cell phone number and another option is to become a premium member and get full unlimited access for a complete one year. This means that you can try and search unlimited number of telephone or cell phone numbers for one year and get full report.


The annual membership is a great option for you as you can use this service for a year and you can use it in any way you want to. I am personally using this reverse cell phone lookup service and trust me, I am satisfied. You will also happy with their customer service, in case you did not find the satisfactory results and they will be glad to help you.


What I can recommend you is that you can visit at, type any telephone or cell phone numbers and if you find the basic report is giving you satisfactory result then become an annual member and enjoy the doing reverse phone lookup.



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