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Facebook is a great way to connect to your church members and have your church members connect to each other.  Facebook can also be a great way to distribute church information, devotions, and articles.  That’s because Facebook has applications which allow you to syndicate your church blog through either a Facebook Page or a Facebook Profile.

In the last article,Guest Posting I wrote about how Facebook provides a great opportunity for the church to market itself through their members’ network of friends.  We talked about how members can live out their church lives on Facebook, like they live out the rest of their lives and by doing so, can be telling their friends about Christ and their church in a natural, non-invasive way.  Not only it is non-invasive, but it’s also free which can be very nice is today’s economic climate.  So, I thought this post I would list some ideas of ways your members can do this.  I’d encourage you to bring this up with your church members and encourage them to actively use Facebook to promote your church and share the love of Christ with their friends.

Here are some ways your members can promote your church and tell others about Christ through Facebook:
1.    Post comments about doing church activities in your “what are you doing right now” feature.
2.    Post pictures from church events.
3.    Blog about church sermons or Bible studies.  If the member has a blog, they can have it syndicated in their Facebook profile.
4.    Syndicate the church’s blog in your profile.
5.    Post videos from church events.
6.    Add church events to your profiles, “Events” application.
7.    Become a “fan” of your church’s Facebook Page.
8.    Comment about how Christ is working in their life in relation to a church Bible study
9.    Announce up coming church events and invite their friends.
10.    Use the Inbox to personally invite friends to church.

This is just a short list of things your members can be doing to actively (if not subtly) market your church.  The more people see their friends excited about the church and actively involved in the church, the more interesting it will seem and more likely they will be to come visit the church or at least attend an event.

So, encourage your members to talk about the church and talk about their faith in Facebook (and any other social network sites while they’re at it).  It’s easy, it’s free and it may be more helpful than the next pack of snail mail flyers your church sends out.  It may even allow them to lead a friend to Christ.

Remember, the more members that participate and the more your members post about your church Facebook, the more exposure your church will get.  It’s exponential.

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